in my shopping basket: green tea caramel corn

when i was picking up items for the tofu salad the other night, i noticed a new item in the sweets aisle, tohato brand matcha (green tea) caramel corn. of course i had to buy it! cute packaging, lurid lime coloured bag, caramel, green tea--it's a done deal.

if you are familiar with tohato caramel corn, you'll know it's not like the american idea of popcorn with a toffee-like coating; instead it's a corn puff of the hot-air extruded variety (you will find out some day how much hot air extrusion fascinates me, i'm sure), similar to a chee-to type puff, with a barely there caramel coating--they literally melt in your mouth.

the matcha caramel corn is basically the same product, only with a dusting of powdered green tea on top. it looks like a fat, dead caterpillar and tastes like a starbucks green tea frappuccino--more milky than tea-y, sweet, and oh yeah, milky. there isn't a bitter aftertaste like some milky tea products have, but i don't know if you could scarf these down quickly. still, it's a nice change from the usual tohato lineup.

i checked the website but i couldn't tell if this is a permanent item or just a seasonal one; i suspect the latter. so if you want to try it, buy it now, before it disappears.


I checked Tohato website and figured the matcha caramel corn IS limited-edition version, like you have guessed... I don't remember if I saw one in store while I was back in Japan last month, although I have tried other flavors such as Double Nut Blend Chocolate, Double Fondant Chocolat, and Double White Chocolate.
BTW, I did see those MOBIs and almost tried, but didn't (am I fired?)!

no, you are v. smart, as the mobi snacks probably taste terrible, or worse, are too ordinary for such fabulous marketing!

Just one comment, i like green tea.