quick bite at yardy's.

yardy's at night

i don't really like to post anything about a place i haven't frequented much, which probably account for the pitiful amount of content on this blog in the past few years. however, it's always good to change things up, so i'm just gonna experiment a bit and bang out a few "first impression" posts to see how it goes, zokay?

oh, the food truck thing! the first one i remember going to on island was in tumon, a brightly painted red catering truck which featured a yummy yakisoba that was basically fried in butter. i don't remember the name of it--max's?--but it was basically known as the yakiso-van :) when i moved to LA the food trucks i went to were known as roach coaches and didn't have all the gourmet la-la items that are popular now, but still had some tasty mexican food amongst the regular luncheon fare. now when i'm in LA, i tend to avoid the popular "gourmay" wagons--with the exception of lake street creamery and the ludo truck--and stick to the old school taco trucks in my neighbourhood. luckily, two great ones are just around the corner, so i can get my fix of LA street-style tacos in mere minutes.

not so much luck here on island, until i was driving around one night a few months ago and saw a couple of food trucks parked in tumon. a little googling led to the yardy's website, and, like any self-respecting, savvy, modern day food truck, a twitter account. from the url, www.yardydog.com, i mistook it for a hot dog truck, but the online menu features mostly hot and cold sandwiches, and a few specialty items. a check on twitter, and i found that yardy's would be at the commercial port in piti during lunch service, skinner plaza in agana in the afternoons, paul's plaza in tamuning in the evenings, and at the fountain plaza in tumon late night. they seem to be sticking to that schedule for now, which makes the truck (i think only one truck is in service at the moment) easy to find.

yardy's beef taco

a couple of times i've been to yardy's at the fountain plaza space, near club denial, during their late night hours. for one reason or another, the menu was limited, so i tried three of their"LA street-style tacos" (one for $1.99, three for $4.99) which were made with soft flour tortillas, lettuce, and pico de gallo on top of your choice of marinated beef, chicken or pork. the beef was prepared differently on the occasions i tried it--the first time it was ground, the second time cut in little cubes--as was the chicken (cubed the first time, shredded the next). the meat was well-cooked each time, tender and moist; the first time around all three meats were too salty on their own, but combined with the warm tortilla, crispy lettuce and salsa, the seasonings mellowed out and worked well together. these were good tacos, made even better by being freshly cooked, warm and filling on a sloshy, rainy night. i imagine after a night of clubbing and drinking, they'd be a phenomenal way to soak up the liquor and fill up your belly.

yardy's chicken tacos

the next time 'round, i wanted to check out the chicken and waffles. i have had a few very, very late night sessions at roscoe's house of chicken n waffles in LA, but frankly, i remember trying not to get stabbed in the parking lot (only once!) more than how the food tasted (although i remember it being pretty tasty).

yardy's chicken and waffles

at yardy's, you get three pieces of chicken and a whole belgian waffle per order ($7.50). they are cooked to order, but it didn't take long at all for them to come out. the aroma of the chicken and waffle plate is pretty fantastic--sweet and savoury, warm and slightly spicy, wafting through the air before you actually get your plate. the chicken pieces are a decent size, simply dredged in flour and deep-fried, slightly butterflied to take them off the bone for faster cooking--a smart idea that saves time and didn't seem to compromise the juiciness of the meat. the chicken is perfectly fried--a tender yet firm crunch on the outside, moist, piping hot meat on the inside. it could benefit from a little seasoning--i couldn't even discern any salt--but as far as cooking technique goes, it was great (i am a fan of cold fried chicken, and yardy's chicken holds up well even after a night in the fridge). i appreciate that they used belgian waffles instead of the standard breakfast waffle as the base, as i think the texture works better with the fried chicken. i would prefer to have a little crunch to the exterior of the waffle, but it was warm and tender, with an interesting spiciness i couldn't quite make out--cinnamon? nutmeg? mace?! was it even in the waffle? maybe it was in the light drizzle of sweet syrup on the warm waffle. i still haven't figured out what the enticing aroma was, but it really reminds me of sweet potato fries. (which are pretty great here, btw). just give me a little time, and a few more trips to yardy's.

yardy's truck detail 2

find 'em.
twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/yardydog
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Yardy-Dog/192824447432903
website: http://www.yardydog.com/

yardy's open


Love Yardy's! Talked to the owner outside of the Matisyahu show and he was super cool. I think he said the trucks come from LA. Also, the cheeseburger was DELISH.

Max Kitchen: https://picasaweb.google.com/108901177542804624474/OutAndAboutInGuam#5531512494941423170

hello! how was the matisyahu gig? i gotta try that cheeseburger, i heard it's pretty good. something about a sauce...?

Matisyahu was fun! Everyone and their mother was there, so that was fun. Crazy how many people I knew from Pika's. (Have you been there yet? I miss it and Guam so much...)

Great to be outside dancing our butts off to some sweet music. The rain came just as everyone was unbearably hot. The sauce on the cheeseburger must have been it. Having a bit of trouble remembering...

oh! also the trucks have triad civil engineering stickers on them....modified? was the owner an engineer?

i just had the tinaktak burger this week :) gotta get in there for breakfast one day. what do you recommend?

Not sure. Didn't come up somehow. There was brief discussion of the screens having been broken in shipping, but I'm sure there were modifications, just looking at the trucks.
Just tweeted your post and mentioned @yardydog, so he might chime in! :-)

Whoohoo! Still popular as heck, I bet.

People love the Benedict Dela Cruz, but I would always get the French Canadian for the sweet-savory thang, Chamericano Burrito if I needed something superrich. Most often, I got the Animal Lover's add swiss add denanche. So many tasty choices...

i guess i'll have to try them all :)