hot in barrigada

hello nenes! i'm back, and trying to get some holiday posts up for you. in the meantime, i'm going to do some mini-local posts.

Hot glazed and Chocolate donuts from Crown Bakery

for those of you craving krispy kreme hot-glazed donuts, crown bakery in barrigada has fresh donuts out of the fryer at rush hour. they are not quite the same as the international chain variety, but they have the ooey, gooey, warm pillowy softness that-u-want, that-u-crave, i know u do. they are available in the morning (7-9 am?)--although the neverending road construction may have put the kibosh on that--but you can definitely get them from 5.30pm every evening. they are available with a plain sugar or chocolate glaze.

Warm chocolate glazed donut. Both ooey and gooey.

i think celebrity bakery in mangilao also has a hot donut hour, and possibly somewhere else. if you have the skinny on the fat, let me know!

crown bakery
121 Route 10 (next to shell gas station)
barrigada 96921


Hot donut hour! Love it. I miss Guam already... (Been back home in SF for almost a week!)

welcome home! (from your home away from home?) yeah. guam. it makes an impression, doesn't it :D maybe you can come back for a visit sometime?