statement of facts.

1. food. i have a love/hate, love/indifference relationship with it.
2. blogging. see above.
3. i like you. i really do. which is why i am going to try to shift the current hate/indifference mode to L-O-V-E, and embrace the foodie and blogger within.
4. there are too many food franchises coming to the island, i hope all the new folk on island will not stick to the frozen, salinated mass-marketed option. so this year i will try to blog about more local restaurants and what can be offered on a non-microwaved basis.
5. i might actually cook this year.
6. i like guys in suits. especially if they are adroit and adept at what they do.

just sayin'.

contents of my fridge

these are the contents of my fridge, so as you can see, there might be an easing-in period. see you soon.


new year happy!

luckily, i l-o-v-e your view point (YAY local restaurants; i work in one that rocks) enough to overlook the dodgers paraphernalia. hmm, i wonder if the giants have a soda... :-)

mine's full of wine bottles and miso paste. and as for dapper dudes in suits, i like casting my eyes over comic artist/writer ben templesmith.

GTG! new year happy to you! giants? as in new york giants? i can get down with tha--oh wait. you mean *those* guys. :D just kidding. i can totally get behind a bunch of winners. yay giants!

what restaurant do you work at?

akatsukira, i need a whole fridge just for condiments. and rowr, yes, ben templesmith! it seems i have a *type*. i semi-blame nick cave.

really happy to find this blog. we just got to the island ;)

Hi Katie! Welcome to Guam! I will try to be a better blogger this year. Your blog is beautiful! Wonderful photography.

A belated Happy New Year to you Santos!

hey kirk! not belated, still is! :) and there's still chinese new year coming up soon. happy new year to you, missus, and the four-legged kids!

Ditto for the guys in suits and a couple of other things.


I heart local restaurants. They have a certain character and charm that chains will never have.

@santos: Somehow i wasn't subscribed to the comments, so totally snubbed your outreach. (Hard for a Dodgers fan to begin with, natch!)

I work at Pika's Café (Upper Tumon, across St. John's), lots of local and otherwise homemade yumminess.

Good luck with that list of silly things that look like resolutions... :-) Oh and where did you buy that yogurt??

nisrine, guys in suits are a sight for sore eyes :)

dennis, yes!

gone to guam, that's my fridge in LA :P although you can special request that pay-less stock the yogurt, without charge