breakfast at noon.

which of course, is nothing more than brunch, but i'm going for a continuity thing here. indulge me, people!

mr. jones french toast

kinda like what we did here: challah french toast, slathered with nutella and drizzled with raspberry preserves, topped with caramelized bananas, crispy bacon, and powdered sugar. served with maple syrup, whipped cream and whipped butter. AS IF. surprisingly not as sweet as you'd think, plenty savoury without the bacon, which in fact was just another example of how bacon does NOT make everything better.

mr. jones salmon mousse

and then we tried to be a little healthy with the salmon mousse plate: marinated salmon, salmon mousse, poppy seed onion bagel crisps, caper berries, sweet fig marmalade and fresh dill.

french toast done

guess which one got demolished.

mr jones and them

gratuitous shot of good-looking waitstaff. why not.

mr. jones
greenbelt 5, garden level
legaspi st, legaspi village
makati, philippines


Oh my God. Ultimate indulgence. I am literally drooling all over my keyboard! I am definately on the hunt for a place like this in England.

i haven't checked in on your blog in a while, and so glad i just did. I eat breakfast anytime, and could eat this for dinner.

Bumped into your blog by accident (or maybe it was destiny) tonight and I really like what I see! My god that French toast looks delicious :-)


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