because you had a hot day.

taotaomona sundae

taotaomona sundae: three scoops of ice cream, bananas, brownie chunks, nuts, strawberry sauce, and a cherry on top. at mount lam lam sno' n' ice cream.

mt. lamlam sno n ice cream
route 8, near the other house of liberty


That looks sooo yummy!

hi drea! it's so freaking hot today, i think i'm going there later for a shave ice :)

Hey Santos! I don't know if you received my email, but I need your address for the invitation card=)

Looks nice, and the hands - such clean well-shaped finger nails, lol

i know, right? they aren't mine, that's for sure!

minitotoro, i just emailed you!

Fantastic ice cream decorated ! yummy

Hi Santos, thanks for all the recent postings! I am going to Guam soon and was browsing your blog for new places to hit (I was last there 3+ yrs ago). Do you have any recommendations for a good "girls afternoon" sort of place, i.e., where my friends and I can just hang out and have a pleasant afternoon of indulging in desserts/pastries?

hello chikachix! are you staying in tumon? i think the nicest place to hang out is the breezeway in pacific place, across from the westin. it's covered but outdoors, and there is always a good breeze. there's a coffee house and a small outpost of dolce frutti gelateria next door. if you are looking for pastries, the hilton has a fairly nice selection in the lobby café (caffe cino), as does the hyatt. but the lobby setting isn't very scenic in either hotel. proa restaurant has a little bakery/ice cream/coffee place called sweet relief in the same building. it's a little small, but maybe they'll let you eat in the restaurant which has a nice outdoorsy view. they have great desserts--i like their carrot cake and banana cream pie, but almost everything i've tried is good!

at the plaza across from dfs, there is a coffee house (hava java i think), haagen daz, godiva and dolce frutti gelateria, all with outdoor seating.

if you want to get out of the tourist area of tumon, in upper tumon there is a coffee/tea house called infusion which has nice cupcakes and crepes, too. at gpo shopping center, bestseller bookstore has a small café that has lovely desserts and all sorts of drinks to try. the café is really small, but if there aren't that many people, it's a nice place to hang out.

hope that helps! if you have any more questions, feel free to ask :) have a great time here!