i left my blog in san francisco.

bay bridge, boat

hello poppets! i havena forgotten you, but i have forgotten to blog. i am, alas, no longer in san francisco, but i probably have a few words to say about it. stay tuned for the inevitable ferry building marketplace post, and maybe another one, too....



We haven't forgotten you either! Can't wait to hear about your trip to the Bay Area. It's one of my favorite places....

hallo reid! i did not do much at all, so i won't blog much. i did have fun though!

Hah! Hey girl, I was wondering where you went. Just galavanting all over the world...as usual;)

Ahhh..!! welcome back .. my dear friend.. :)

ooh that's a lovely picture! i could live in the ferry building.

Welcome back from the bay area! Looking forward to hearing about your Califonia adventures!

Dear Santos,

Sorry to use your blog for this question, but wasn't sure how to contact you otherwise. I'm on the hunt for jalapeno jelly here on Guam, can you help direct me where to go if possible?


saluti da un blogger di Venezia "venice"

I really love the photo and look forward to reading about your San Francisco trip!

that's where u left it. hehehehe
miss ur lovely pix in flickr