baking by the bushel.

oatmeal cookies

i am at the tail end of a cookie baking marathon--mexican wedding cookies, an odd hazelnut chocolate cookie with which i was experimenting, and chocolate chippies. new to this year's lineup: bill clinton's oatmeal cookies, from chef sherry yard's "desserts by the yard." i make a lot of oatmeal cookies, and even though they don't look like much (when do oatmeal cookies ever do?), they might be some of my favourite--possibly the only favourite anything i share with the former president. they are crispy on the outside, but chewy with oats, brown sugar, and wine-soaked golden raisins (i added some dried cranberries as well) on the inside. you can futz about with the temperature and time if you want a softer, chewier cookie, but imho, they don't turn out quite so well. stick to the plan, stan, and enjoy.


Oh, Santos. I made choc chip cookies yesterday but they look nothing like yours - I'll have to try another recipe for choc chip cookies. Such a hard thing to do. ;)

I have this book and have been dying to make these cookies. Sounds like they're worth it, eh?

hello patricia! the best chocolate chip cookie recipe i've ever made was from the back of a chocolate chip packet; of course, it involved two kinds of chips and i used twice the amount necessary :)

dana, happy holidays! i like this book a lot. this is the first time i've made from it, and yes, if you like oatmeal and raisins, it is.

i've been baking waaay too much these days for someone who's not much into baking & sweets. i made pb oatmeal chocolate chip cookies today. oatmeal doesn't look like much but i like that it's identifiable. the bad thing with all this baking is my waistline. can't stop tasting everything! :) happy holidays santos!