outdoor ledge

one of my favourite features in our family's ancestral home: bangueras. these are decorative ledges that jut out from the windowsills in the dining area and kitchen, and served as drying racks for the freshly washed dishes and glasses.


which, in this case, is one of my grandfather's favourite types of drinking vessel: an old nescafé coffee jar :)


What a fab idea! Although I wouldn't want to be standing below when my husband is washign up - he's notorious for breaking the things he washes...

hm, a banguera with a safety net? interesting idea ;)

Hmm, that is a nice idea, air dry the dishes outside. I don't know how many ice houses there were. Hawaiians salted a lot of things before refrigeration. Now 7-11 is the ice house.

acornbud, ah, the gas station is my local ice house. although, there is a guy with a cute, squat truck who sells 10 lb/5 lb/bagged blocks of ice on order. i wonder how he makes them....

cultural comment: bangueras were thought to scare unwanted scary night creatures away as the pointed wooden stake freaks them out.