back in the kitchen

2 gorillaz in the kitchen

...and ready to raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahck!

dutch oven

my new purchase. good colour, yes?


beee-YOU-tiful colors!!

but i expect nothing less from you, you know. ;D!

Such a pretty pot!

such a GREAT colour! will you make the no knead bread now? no need for a stand mixer to knead the bread ;)

r4kk4 chick my house is beginning to look like a cartoon with all the crazy colours!

that, i love it. so cheerful!

deborah, now where is the fun in no-knead bread?? the best part of making bread is pummeling it into submission!

this is true... although i am intrigued by the recipe. will you buy other colours for your collection or are you going to stick to a azure blue?

The color is lovely! (And the action figures are really nice too!)

Hey Santos - Welcome back !!

yay, a post! Though I did catch these photos on Flickr - I almost left a comment on that pot, but for some reason got all shy about leaving a comment in Flickr (never done it before). Anyway, I love the pot - I think le creuset is wonderful stuff and that color is amazing!

Envious. Very.


Love the color. It goes so well with your colored tiles! :)

deborah, i am a little intrigued by the recipe, but i fear that in this tropic weather, the dough will acquire some sort of airborne alien life form and become the blob! i have a lovely flame coloured one, so maybe i'll stick with colours that match the kitchen tile.

hi darlene! i love how the action figures match the tile too :)

hi kirk! good to be back!

hi cathy, you should comment on flickr, it's great. yes, le creuset is great, but a bit pricey, so i have to really, really, really covet a piece before i'll buy it. probably a good thing for my kitchen space and wallet :)

zarah, if it makes you feel better, it's so heavy that if i drop it, it will definitely crush my toes. you don't want a maiming machine in your kitchen, do you? ;)

reid, it's such a good match, isn't it?

exquisite. How come we never had this choice?!

Oh freakin' GORGEOUS. Also, I commend your choice of Le Creuset awesomeness.

On a side note, I was able to get a set from Craigslist in Flame (for cheap!) Now I want to re-do my entire kitchen just to match my sexy Le Creuset set.

Love this!

love the color. love the backsplash even more!

I saw this picture on your flickr as well -- I looooove the new color! That is exactly the color I want to use as an accent in my dream kitchen. :)

ooh is that the backsplash for your stove? how gorgeous!

I love the colors! They're so ALIVE!