you make me feel like dancin'.

there's nothing like a little leo sayer reference. besides baking. i feel like baking. any requests?


Love that cover! I'm thinking wedding cake - but that's probabbly because I myself am all wrapped up in a wedding cake francy because I'm making one for my friend's wedding this coming Saturday. So anything you bake will probably be good, Santos - it usually is!

that's frenzy, not francy... Eh! New computer and touch-pad mouse is to freaking fast for me!

that is too funny, i was actually considering making a wedding-style cake. too bad no one's getting married. hm. i suppose i could practice....

How about a dream cake?

ooh. what's a dream cake when it's at home?

How about ube cake? or Sans Rival? Whatever you choose to bake, I know it will always end up worth craving :)

id love to see your version of a chelsea tea bun. i tried making them a few weeks ago and failed... they didn't rise but the dough smelled great with all the spices n stuff. i also used cranberries and currants instead of sultanas and orange peel. either that or an amazingly high layer cake :)

anything you bake will be interesting and delicious, but i was wondering if you have made or were planning to make the no-knead bread.

i have never made bread before so i don't know how a hot and humid climate will affect the rising of the dough.

anne, i love the cake you made from the dorie greenspan cookbook! i think i would rather try an ube cake than a san rival, although i should think about both of those....

deborah, an amazingly high cake would be cool, i wonder if it will topple over. only one way to find out :) maybe not too high. what's a chelsea bun?

elizabeth, i have not made the no-knead bread as kneading is one of things i really like about baking bread. however, i do know that i have had problems with some yeasts in the heat and humidity in the past. i can only leave things out for a certain number of hours before it seems like the heat just kills it. i don't know how long you are supposed to let the no-knead bread rise, but perhaps you can do it in the fridge? i do live in extreme heat and humidity, though. during the day it is usually 80-100˚F in my place, and even with a couple dehumidifiers running the moisture is probably at 50% or more--probably not ideal for no-knead baking!


It's almost midnight here in Vancouver, WA, but thanks to you, I couldn't stop reading your blogs (in a good way, btw). But before I go, may I ask if you own a restaurant near or around Portland, OR / or SW WA area? If not, maybe you should start one. Have a good night. I'll be dreaming of mangosteen and sinigang, and siopao (manapua) and finadene....

hallo mavar and all your lovely comment, i own three dogs who eat my cooking. that is all. that is enough. sweet dreams!

Dream cake=light chocolate chiffon cake light, creamy frosting and chocolate curls (one description) It may be a dream but I remember the one from Alexander Young Hotel Bakery (maker of the legendary Orange Crunch Cake!) as a child in Honolulu having frosting like whipped cream. The ones I've had elsewhere just aren't the same. I miss that bakery:)

PS: one recipe at this link
I haven't tried, it though.

ooooh acornbud, what was in that orange crunch cake??

It's hard to remember all the details. It was an orange chiffon with layers and frosting of whipped cream, probably flavored. The crunch was a brittle like crushed up candy. It had a distinct orange flavor, but the wannabee recipes are lemon, too.
Can you tell I like whipped cream?

like a cinnamon scroll... but instead of cinnamon butter.. you have all spice, nutmeg, brown sugar and currants...

i like the idea of a dream cake... and an orange nut cake too!

acornbud, i like whipped cream too...i want that orange crunch cake!!

deborah, ooh. i'll look for chelsea bun recipes tonight. thanks!

Didn't Leo do Long Tall Glasses? I think that was the first single I ever had.

Can you make one of those shaped German cakes that don't have a hole in the middle so I can find out what they're used for and use my world's most unsuccesful jelly mould.

so, leo sayer-inspired comments gave rise to the dream cake? it is possible that association will stay in my head for a long time...

I'd love to see some of your coloful photos of a nice cake... maybe lemon or orange... that orange crunch cake sounds interesting!

Leo Sayer would be good music to bake too. Early morning "You make me feel like dancing" while some bread is in the oven.