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green banana girl.
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hi nenes! miss meeeeeeee??? bwaaahaaa, i know you didn't. eh. still, i'm back, and glad to see you. now i guess it means it's time to start cooking, huh?

ps--my friend, greg perez, drew ms. thing up there. kawaii, ne?? (^•^) ne! see you soon!


YAY welcome back! When are we gonna hear all about the adventures you've been on while you were gone? :)

hallooo! tomorrow, promise!

Eeee!! Welcome back - can't wait to see all the new recipes you'll make which have been inspired by your holiday! Hope those creative cooking juices are flowing ;)

hellllo ellie! sadly, no cooking has occurred yt. completely uninterested in eating too. oh! and i think i'm losing my sense of taste. this could be interesting, no?

Welcome back ..Santos..!

yay! santos is back in the house!

well it's about time! ;) Can't wait to see what you've got up your sleeve.

hi mama bok, sam and cathy! it's time i start cooking and stop eating potato chips. although, those terra chips are awfully tasty.

welcome back santos!!!

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Welcome back, santos! I missed your posts!

(that was me up there, clicking the "publish" button too soon)

hi babe and shukumei! thanks for stopping by, i'll be here all week :)

kawaiiiiiii :) welcome back!!!

wow....nice blog! Well done!

hi toni! thanks! good to be back!

hi jackson--ooh, you've got a malaysian food blog, i must visit you soon :)

Hey Santos - Welcome back!

hey kirk, thanks!

Hi Santos,
Cute pic and Welcome back.

This is the most great blog on the Nets. Sooooo glad you're back!

awww, thanks ilingc and anon!