kawaii alert!: plastic fantastic calamansi powder.

calamansi powder

i haven't done a kawaii alert in awhile, so i thought i'd throw one in: little plastic doohickeys filled with single-use servings of calamansi citrus powder, then topped with a paper leaf. they look like the real thing, only like, cuter.


suuuuuper cuuuuute im hypnotyzed...how on earth...wha---!?!!!<3 and calamansi powder? ok ah! the pic is fab!!!

I can almost taste it.. I can almost smell it! Too cute.

Very, very cute..! love it..!!

hi nico! :D fun with plastic!

hi pinkstar--way too cute!

hi mama bok! yes yes! me too :)

Hi Santos. A year ago I had no idea what "kawaii" mean. Now not only do I know what you mean but I am jumping on the high speed wagon on this one, those are so cute! Wouldn't mind more kawaii alert, I think mine is adjusted at quite similar frequencies as yours (I still remember the pink eggs).

I love the photo, but having never heard of calamansi I was a little puzzled. I wasn't sure what the scale was or anything. I read up on them a little... so those are each about an inch across? Is the powder used to make a drink or in some other way?

Holy smokes. That is, indeed, very cute.

I've never heard of calamansi powder, though. It's a strange idea to me, since I've always used fresh calamansi... Eliminates the need to squeeze a million of those tiny buggers, I guess?

Um, can we say cho-kawaii? Wow, those are some cute little suckers. What do you do with them? Enquiring minds want to know...

I saw those at the Salcedo Market last year. Haven't tried them out, still like my calamansi freshly squeezed. But the plastic thingies are very kawaii!

hi oslofoodie! yes, the world needs more kawaii :) pink eggs and plastic citrus are just the beginning.

hi cathy! i know, i sort of dropped the (green plastic) ball on this one, as i didn't have the energy to do a full post on calamansi (fruit blog, come to the rescue!), which is known outside of asia as calamondin (Citrofortunella microcarpa). the fruit range in size from about 1/2-1 inch, thin rind, dark green when unripe to a lovely vivid orange yellow when ripe. the flavour is quite acidic, but almost more orangey than lemony, and the rind has more of a lime flavour. the powder is unsweetened, and generally reconstituted with a bit of water and used for drinks or as an additive to sauces.

hi embla! calamansi powder is a relatively recent product (maybe a couple of years old?), but i've only seen these single packs recently. i guess the powder is considered a bit of an innovation, as up to this point, there hasn't been a non-sweetened calamansi product that could retain the flavour and have a long shelf-life. it doesn't quite have the same tang, but it comes close enough if you don't have the fresh stuff readily available. i'd still use the fresh stuff if it was available over this any day.

hi viv! i found these in philippines, but we can get the big non-cute containers here (i think those are exported to the mainland united states as well).

hi mila! i prefer the fresh stuff as well, but i couldn't pass up buying these as they are veddddddy cute.

Where do you get this, I love calamansi in iced tea. Email me.

hi gia--i bought these individual sized ones in manila, but you can get the larger canisters here on island. my cousin's store, seaside market, carries it, but i've seen them in other shops that carry filipino products. next time i'm in pay-less i'll check to see if they have it in stock as well.

That's the coolest! Did you get those in the philippines?

yes! at the salcedo market.

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