mozzarella en carrozza

mozzarella en carrozza

a carrozza, in italian, is a carriage, and in this case, bread carries the softest, sweetest fresh mozzarella you can find, in this southern italian sandwich. all you need is white bread (any sort will do, even regular sandwich stuff), mozzarella (if you don't have fresh, this works well enough with the rubbery stuff--don't sweat it, sweetie), a little milk, flour, and egg. cut the crusts off the bread, and lay some slices of the cheese in the middle of bread, leaving a bit of space all around the edges. press the slices of bread together to hold the cheese in then dip both sides quickly into a shallow dish filled with milk, then dredge in another dish filled with flour, then finally in another dish with lightly beaten egg seasoned with a bit of salt and pepper. fry in a nice amount of olive oil until golden and melty and you can't stand it anymore and must consume.


simple, classic, soul-satisfying, brilliant. gotta hand it to those Italians. Starting cooking this as soon as i got nigella's book. The ultimate cheese sandwich.

OMG...that looks so good.

Yummy sandwich, a cheesy French toast? I love that plate, I have been peering at it for a while now. Owl and the Pussycat?

hey gonzo--i should really look at my nigella books sometime! i originally got this recipe from the food network, but it had anchovies and prosciutto in it. nigella's is pretty much this one, isn't it? i like watching her eat, but i've been lukewarm about so many recipes of hers that i've tried that i no longer consider her a first option. i may have to reconsider that.

hi sweet landa--you should try it, it's oozy delish.

hi melissa--great eyes! yes, it's owl and the pussycat. i had to obscure any reference to the "kitty" as someone might get the wrong idea, heh.

i just have to make one of these...

Nigella is possibly the sexiest woman on tv for foodies imo, but you're right about her recipes (some, at least).

The scene is incredible as she sensuously cradles the food to her mouth and bites into it with wild abandon, juices running down her fingers, all the while speaking in that sexy accent-- earthy sensuality combined with english sophistication that drives me...oops, sorry, got a bit carried away there... but try the recipes at home and, well, without her in the room, they're pretty average. ho hum...

Hi Santos, Your sandwich looks very scrumptious. We've lately made similar ones from a cookbook simply called "egg", in combination with the milk I have yet to try though - I can very much imagine how it adds to the overall taste! Hmmm, getting hungry...

Mmm. Comfort food!


OMG. This sandwich is calling my name right now. I can just taste it...

Yummy! =)

Shame on you. Food porn. :-) Drool.

hi dopiaza! did you make it? how did you like it?

hi gonzo! she is indeedy a hotty :)

hello oliver! the egg book sounds interesting, i'll have to look it up....

hi nic! hi reid! hi evil jungle boy! it was great. not the healthiest option, but worth the calories.

Classic. Yum!