golden green

fti squash blossoms

squash blossoms from the saturday market at FTI, taguig, manila, philippines.

here's a recipe for a pretty and tasty squash blossom frittata.

more photos from the market in a flickr slideshow.


That's an awesome pic, Santos! Makes me want to go grab some na and just take pics of it hehe.

hi toni! i know what you mean. i wanted to buy some so i could do a flower arrangement.

Gorgeous! I've never seen long-stemmed squash blossoms before! Welcome back - hope you had a good trip! Did you get all your Christmas shopping done?

hi cathy! thanks! i hope you had a great holiday. you know, i think i spent most of the time stuck in traffic, eating, or buying things for me, but i think i *did* get all my holiday shopping done, oddly enough. just no new decorations, which is fine. i think i'm overdecorous. overdecorated. over. decked. eaten. delirious.

You've done all your holiday shopping? Oh the pressure, I haven't done mine at all. I have never eaten squash blossoms, it's one of those things that I would like to eat but never gets to. I'll see about getting them one of these days.

hi OF! i don't know what it is about them, but they are rather tasty. they really don't taste like much except for um, squash. delicately flavoured, though.

as for shopping, i wasn't particularly thrilled with the purchases, i just wanted to get it over.

Your slideshow was very enjoyable!

hi landa! thank you, but it's really flickr's fabulosity at work.