we interrupt the regularly scheduled blogness...

wp 1405

typhoon nabi is overhead, barreling over a neighbouring island, but still bringing some nasty, nasty weather. i still have to go to work, bleah.

of course, this is just a nuisance storm, nothing like what's going on in the mainland. if you know anyone who is looking for an (albeit rudimentary) emergency information database for katrina, the fine tsunami help folks have set one up at www.katrinahelp.info. take care y'all. your typhoon-battered (no not tempura-battered) brethren wish you the best.


I hope you're safe!

its gone and i miss it already :(


bert, you are NUTS.

hehe, well, i thought it was romantic in that moody kind of way.
its funny, of all the people i know. i'm the only one who says that, hmm

ooh i think i like your friends

It's going to hit Japan tomorrow. I'm gonna have to move my plants from the balcony to the bathroom sometime this afternoon. :(

oh no, obachan! take care, stay safe and dry.