faux taho


winnie mentioned that she would try to make tofu from a mix for the hiya-yakko from the previous post, and if it didn't work, she'd just pour ginger sauce on it. funnily, as i was reading that, i was digging into a piece of kinu tofu with ginger sauce myself. the dessert itself is a very soft tofu served with a brown sugar ginger sauce; in the philippines it's called taho, i think in chinese it's tau huay or something close to that. usually it's served warm, but in manila, you can get it ice cold, which is quite refreshing on a hot day. like today. like yesterday. ayyyyyyyy. anyway, silken tofu is a pretty decent substitute for the real thing.

ginger sauce

2 c water
1 thumbsized (or longer if you've got a small thumb) knob of ginger, peeled and thinly sliced
1/3 c brown sugar

boil the ginger, water and sugar for at least 10 minutes. the longer you boil, the spicier it gets; alternately, take it off the heat and leave to cool in the fridge overnight. strain the ginger pieces out and discard, or save for whatever reason you might like brown sugared ginger. serve warm or cold, poured over silken tofu.


I sure miss a bowl of good ole tau huay.. Santos..!!

Thanks for this entry. This looks delicious, Santos. I am a long-time fan of your blog, and a first-time poster.

I just started my own blog - justataste.blogspot.com - and my first entry features this very post as my "tasty bite of the day". Hope you enjoy!

Thanks again, Shannon

hi mrs. tweety! i'm lucky i can actually get the real thing here, but unfortunately it's at a weekend morning market and all the best vendors sell out before 7am. one weekend morning i'll get up in time :-)

hi shannon--thanks for delurking, and congratulations on your new blog. thank you for featuring my post, too, that is very kind.

So far, I've only gotten around to buying a tube of extra-soft tofu from the Korean Supermarket near my house. (I was planning on getting the tofu mix, but I got WAY too involved with looking at everything else.) Seems like I have much to learn on the varieties of tofu. Maybe I should take a break now from reading about food and actually make that ginger syrup... =)

hi winnie! one of the best silken tofus i've ever had was from a tube i bought at a korean store. i wish i knew the name of it, it was great. actually i made a great chocolate pie with it, i should finally post that entry.....