cardamom spiced apricots


damn. cardamom is fun to photograph.

i found some apricots on the wrong side of ripe in the fridge bin, cut 'em in half and stoned them; made a simple syrup of white sugar and water, added a bunch of crushed cardamom pods as it was simmering, then tossed in the 'cots for 10 minutes. don't know what i'll do with them yet--have them warm with a wine sauce? cool in a compote? with ice? with cream? with ice cream?!

ah, the possibilities.

cardamom apricots


Howsabout on biscuits of a sliced roll of puff' and some 'pone

hey hey there son, that sounds suspiciously like something i stopped doing after college

Ice cream! Vanilla!

Great idea to add cardamom! I just made apricot jam the other day and may have to make more, using cardamom....

nice pics!

Gorgeous shots, Santos!


Wow, Santos! Great idea that sounds delicious and beautiful photography!

Hi Santos - I'd love to try this... beautiful shots!

Ohhh! I LOVE ur photo on cardamom!!! Gorgeous! GORGEOUS! GORGEOOUS!!!! Got ur blog from Ting's vsit mine if u have time www.thekitchenjournal.blogspot.com

Kisses to this photo! :-)

hi everyone! thank moira. after i saw her photo, i picked up the bottle of cardamom (which was actually sitting next to the computer) and thought it would be fun to photograph. and it was. and the recipe is dead simple and tasty....