squid ink pasta

black food for a black mood--you hear that blogger?!

squid ink spaghetti with a sauce made from tomatoes, garlic, onions, bell peppers, carrots, chili peppers, and copious amounts of squid ink.

playlist: nick cave, birthday party, crime+the city solution, big black, this mortal coil.


black on black :-) yum yum!

Not to forget Frank Black, James White and the Blacks, and oh it's mood then....Laughing Lenny Cohen.

Japan went on a squid ink episode of collective faddsim/ mass hysteria a few years back mmmmm squid ink bread.

BTW Speaking of bread -dig that "Sin in San Francisco" Rubaiyat be damned I'm goin' food, alcohol, music and nudity and not necessarily in that order. Hello Sailors!


black on black, it's like the new white on white!


lenny, yesss. although i have another food/leonard cohen anecdote....not black in any way, but more like seeing red

squink bread? do tell!

and by all means, if you run across this jack lord classic (i had the lucky fortune of finding a "sintennial" edition), pick it up. it's a gem.

Japanese bread tended to be so average and mundane that pen ink would have been a welcome addition.

Squid ink pasta ... I've only tried it once, because it looked much, much cooler than it tasted.


did you ever see this japanese game show where contestants had to become experts on certain types of bakeries in different tokyo neighbourhoods, than all the challenges would be based around that knowledge, combined with physical feats? it would start off with a blindfolded taste test and end with a half-mile race around a track where contestants had to also jump and grab (with their mouths) pastries (one of each variety) tied on various lengths of string, place them on a tray, and then run to the finish line. invariably, it was the sturdy but pretty school girl who usually won.

i've never appreciated pan-yas more.


i find that the key to good squinky pasta sauce is discretion--the less gloppy the better. i usually keep it dry, so it's not so squidalicious, then top it with sauteed squid rings or that ubiquitous seafood medley; at that point, it becomes like a filipino malabon....mmm. i should make that soon.

where can i buy black pasta? it looks really cool too!

hi sarah! i bought mine online from chef shop, but i think you can find it at many gourmet shops.

i don't know where you live but if you've heard of a huge grocery store called highland farms you can find the pasta there. it's $4.99 for a good portion of pasta. it's in the pasta section more toward the bottom of the shelves.