hello yogurt!

Hello, dragonfruit yogurt!

it's hello kitty/sanrio month at yogurtland! sadly, there isn't any cat-flavoured frozen yogurt, nor even a dead-eyed giant hello kitty-garbed employee to loom over you. however, there are appropriately themed cups and four different spoons, and a smattering of merchandise that screams "MOOOOOMMMMMMMMY BUY MEEEEEEE BUY MEEEEEE NOW WHILE I AM ON THIS MASSIVE SUGAR HIGH". (because that's much more interesting than "miaow".) there are sanrio characters bedecking the walls, and helpful flavour-pairing suggestions (chococat swears she loves chocolate yogurt with peanuts, and keroppi likes anchovy yogurt with dead flies plain tart frozen yogurt with gummy worms. because he is a purist.) so for the next four weeks or so, be prepared to battle little and not-s0-little girls in already crowded lines for your next fix of dragonfruit or taro frozen yogurt.

not-so-secretly (because i am asian and i am a girl) i love it. i've drunk the kool-aid of the hello kitty pop cultural church.

but seriously, this is marketing genius, and yogurtland rocks for that. if they bring back a tokidoki partnership, or do a domo promo, i might have to pledge allegiance to the united state of yogurtland. and to the consumer republic for which it stands.

agaña shopping center, next to wendy's.


The Sanrio people got me when I was about 2 and have never let go. My last week on Guam (boo!) I tried to get an extra cup from here for a souvenir but she wouldn't give it to me even if I paid for it... But of course then I realized the spoons are an even better souvenir! That pistachio is out of control...

of course, you can always double up on the cups, and pay for it by the ounce....

aren't there any yogurtlands in SF? i know there's one in berkeley :) there are at least 4 in spitting distance from me in LA....