cool you


i've blogged about it before but i love this stuff. guinomis, a tasty (vegan!) treat of tapioca pearls, agar gelatin, palm sugar syrup, coconut milk, toasted pinipig rice flakes, and lots of shaved ice. just a little something to cool you down and fill you up. deliciously.


It looks so yummy. Can I have one,too? ^_^ Please!

this sounds awesome! i'll have to settle for frozen yogurt for now.

This looks very refreshing. I don't remember seeing this around town.

This reminds me of a dessert I have thought about often. I have looked for it on menus but never seen anything like it since. I had it at the Dai Ichi Hotel, Agana, November 20, 1972. Incidentally, the Japanese soldier, Sgt. Shoichi Yokoi and his new wife and friends were at a nearby table celebrating their wedding. It was also my mother's (Melba-san) birthday. The dessert was white colored, small (1 cm x 1 cm) squares of something soft and sweet (tofu?) in the bottom of a small glass dish full of a clear liquid. It was silvery and sparkled like diamonds and crystals, too beautiful to eat. As I recall it was sweet and tasty but it was mostly beautiful to look at.

hi leila! anytime :)

susan, ooh, or that bing soo stuff. shaved ice anything!

acornbud, it's a regional specialty of pampanga. i don't think there are too many kapampangans in honolulu.

kendal, that is one of the most refreshing and lovely descriptions of a dessert, ever! and what an honour to see sgt. yokoi. i think the dessert could have been tofu, or maybe almond agar?