breakfast at midnight.

mr.jones pancakes 1

it seemed like a good idea at the time. the pancakes themselves were heaven--lemon ricotta blueberry pancakes that were light and fluffy, tender, and only a little bit sweet, studded with fat, fragrant blueberries, dusted with powdered sugar and topped with candied lemon zest. phew! AND there was whipped cream, whipped butter, and a maple-y syrup on the side. not that they needed any of that.

but i did need a wheelbarrow to be rolled outta there afterwards.

mrjonesguy brings my pancakes

brought to me by this guy, at mr. jones. (more on this place later)

mr. jones
greenbelt 5, garden level
legaspi st, legaspi village
makati, philippines


This sounds like absolute heaven. I wish there was somewhere like this near me, I always get late night cravings! I really like the photo too.

Those look AMAZING. Note to self: Visit Philippines.

hello hazel! i have to say, late night american-style diners are really great. don't know what i'd do without them!

hello manic pixie dream girl! yes! come visit! you are not that far away.