breakfast at bizu.

bizu interior

you know i heart bizu, but we were both getting a little old, tired, and frayed around the edges. so i stepped away for awhile, and we got our acts together. or at least, bizu greenbelt did, moved into a new house, with a new attitude. gone are the garish, wonka-ish walls, dusty and fusty florals, replaced with a new coat of white paint, light and glass, for a more refined, calm and mature space.

bizu interior now

it's a good mix of old and new, european and native, modern and classic. much like the menu. clever boots, those bizu folk.

bizu server

even the servers no-longer-so-fresh funky bunch uniforms have changed to a sort of casual continental concierge look.

bizu macarons

you can still find the lovely rainbow of macarons

bizu ensaymada

and the french-inspired confections with local flair. or local confections with french-inspired flair. whaaa

bizu quezo real

even though they are known for their free-range egg specialties--their wild mushroom omelet is a particular favourite of mine--and you gotta try the pancakes with fresh mangoes and chantilly cream!, i opted for something lighter and healthier after all the too-typical culinary indulgences in all that manila has to offer.

bizu wheat grass

bizu is one of the few places that regularly offers freshly mown grass clippings fresh wheatgrass shots.

bizu fruit

and they transform cut up fruit and fermented milk products to new heights. instead of boring old yogurt they take boring old kefir and freeze it into little balls of tasty lacto-bacterial and fermented goodness.

which is what i have for breakfast there most days. don't ask me how i can pass up their savoury crepes, boneless bangus and garlic rice, or eggs florentine. really. because i will make you drink wheatgrass shots with me, i really will.

bizu patisserie and bistro,
greenbelt 2
757.BIZU (2498)


Lovely photos as usual Santos, though I've still never had wheatgrass juice that tasted good.... the fresh lawn clippings is a great analogy! ;o)

I've never seen a wheatgrass shot served with a slice of lemon, would you consider it a super healthy equivalent of a tequila shot?! I'm assuming it's to take away the taste of the fresh lawn clippings!