WIP: duck fat fried chicken

duck fat fried chicken thighs

the title of this post doesn't exactly trip off the tongue, nor does one's mind immediately latch on to the meaning. it wants to rearrange: fat duck fried chicken? fried duck chicken fat? fried fat chicken duck? nay. i found a bunch of duck fat (yes, i believe that is the collective term) that was slated for something else, but somehow ended up in a cast iron pan, heated on a medium high flame until rippling. i don't know how much. maybe a pound and a half? inch and a half wet? ANYWAY, the chicken: small plump thighs, organic ok, wash, patted dry, seasoned with a bit of kosher salt and white pepper, that's it. 10 to 15 minutes on each side in an uncrowded pan, don't fuss, don't poke. read a magazine article, the newspaper, or tweet. drain on paper towel. serve.


a schmantzy condiment, a grilled tomato ketchup. you could pour a bottle of ketchup onto a grill but that would be messy. tomato halves and onions went in a grill pan with a smidge of olive oil, until a nice bit of char was achieved. they then went into this epicurious recipe, replacing the canned ones on the ingredient list. doubled the amount of tomato paste instructed for good measure, too. worked a charm.

duck fat fried chicken thighs

and the chicken? crispy, shardy skin, juicy meat that seems saturated in duck fat. i called this a work in progress because although this was decadent and delicious and oh-so-delightful, i might try marinating the meat next time, or perhaps use an herby confit fat. can't see how it can hurt.


I'll call it DFFC??? Man, the aroma of this must just knock you out....

ha! in a bucket, please!

Dare I call this Ducky Fried Chicken? It looks so decadent - and I can imagine the tanginess of the grilled tomato ketchup.

frying the chicken in the fat that you made the duck confit in would be both old lady who swallowed a flyish and awesome

You know Santos.... I keep comig back here to salivate over that chicken....

reminds me of confit de canard...the chicken looks delicious!

omg i want this NOW! i need to take some asian medicine for the next month and the directions say no chicken and pork fat. doh! i've been craving roast chicken lately and had made grand plans for all sorts or porky goodness - now on the back burner. and then i see your post! torture.

Kirk, me too!

minitotoro, yum!

susan, three words for you: PORK BELLY CONFIT

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my kind of food :) yum!!!

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Hi there!!! I don't know if you will be checking this soon, but I hope so :)

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And I would love for you to come see it! I could not find a way to email you to let you know or ask permission so I hope it is okay with you... Please just let me know when you see it!

I am just in love with your photos and wanted to share :)

Have a nice day,
can't wait to see more on your blog!!


A. What camera do you use. (I pray to GOD it's a Nikon D90) Wishful thinking, huh?

B. More importantly, what lenses do you use? Fantastic!

hi! i use three cameras but the one i use the most is just a point and shoot, a lumix lx2. it's a very good point and shoot! i also use a lumix dmc-lc1 and a lumix dmc-l1 with a crazy expensive, crazy big lens. but i don't remember what as it has been a year or so since i've used it....

so anyway. the lx2! that's what i use :)

oh goodness me, duck fat fried chicken. I don't really care how you say it, it sounds damn good to me!

Happy New Year! I hope your 2010 is delicious!

I'd also go with DFFC - the world can never have too many acronyms! Looks sinfully divine. A very happy new year to you!!