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crispy skin salmon shiso wrap

inspiration, thy name is alan wong.

take some salmon belly, cut it into bite-sized strips. season with sea or kosher salt. heat up a couple tablespoons of vegetable oil in a pan, place salmon belly skin side down. fry until crispy, possibly up to 15 minutes because that's how long it sometimes takes. if your salmon strips are thin enough, you won't have to turn it over, but a little pinky rawness would never be unwelcome.

meanwhile back at the ranch dressing, finely dice up a ripe tomato, some scallion, and capers if you have them. no worries if you don't. if you don't have tomato, i can't help you, but you will find a way, because you are a smart cookie. oh! ORANGE. that would work. really. dress with a little ponzu (or lemon juice), some soy sauce and/or sea salt, and a bit of anchovy or fish sauce.

place a slice of your salmon belly chicharon on a shiso/perilla leaf (butter lettuce will work just fine). top with the tomato-scallion mix, a drizz of crème fraîche or sour cream thinned out with a bit of lemon juice, and a shake of shichimi tōgarashi. wrap. eat.

happy eater!


Man do I miss living two blocks from Alan Wong's

great photo!!!

Looks great!

drool... that looks so good

this sounds awesome and now i am super hungry waiting for dinner time. :/ have you tried the korean perilla leaves? it's milder than the japanese kind. really good when wrapping up pork bbq.

hi y'all!

kirk, i wish i lived near alan wong's, i'd be a happy camper.

hi snooky doodle, thanks for stopping by!

ablykins, thanks!

foodhoe, it was delicious!

hey susan, i try to use korean perilla leaves whenever i can--they are soooo much cheaper than the japanese ones here (25 cents a bundles v $1!), but the store was out.