watermelon coolers

watermelon truck stand 1

sometimes there's a truck selling watermelon out by the post office in barrigada (look for the corn truck); if you should see it, definitely stop by. lately the watermelons have been extra juicy and sugary sweet.

arugula watermelon salad

i had some feta cheese left from my grilled corn bonanza this weekend, so i used it to top a favourite salad of arugula, thinly sliced ribbons of red onion, watermelon balls, and a raspberry balsamic vinaigrette. the watermelon cools the bolder flavours and adds a nice touch of sweetness.

i don't think there's really any reason to do anything but chill and slice up these bewdies, but if you feel a little creative and have some time, a melon baller and a little mint makes for a lovely presentation.

fruit salad

in case you have an overripe/underripe one or are looking for a change, you can make a simple, refreshing granita. just make a simple syrup, flavour it any way you wish or leave it as is (i like to add lime zest and finely chopped fresh and candied ginger). add as much as you wish to some cut up fruit, then freeze up the lot in a zippered freezer bag. bash it about a bit every 20 minutes or so, and you'll have a light and icy summertime treat.

watermelon ginger lime granita


Just gorgeous!!!
Shari@Whisk: a food blog

"...bash it around a bit..." Sounds therapeutic as well as yummy. The melons look so refreshing.

Watermelon reminds me of summer vacation in my favorite cousins' house - I know we are not supposed to have favorites in the family, but I cannot help it. :)
I love how you use it for both savory and sweet dishes, Santos!

hi shari, thanks for stopping by!

acornbud, absolutely :)

patricia, i definitely have my favourites too so your secret's safe with me!

ha ha ,this is funny since i saw both the watermelon and corn truck when i was on guam in april. we also bought some tuna from the fish guy on the way up to yigo.

It's a bit too soon for melons around here, but I can't wait. Your salad sounds like a fantastic combination of flavors and textures, salty and sweet. And that granita... yum!

hey sprog mamma, it's kinda fun shopping this way, isn't it?

hi cathy, i want to make that almond milk granita you make once. soon!

I love the name of your blog!

and this watermelon cooler sounds so good-perfect for summer.

wow !!!!!!!!! slurp... i'm hungryy

ciao da Venezia italia

drool drool drool dribble dribble...

(like the "bashing", better than on dh!

Those pictures of food are so real. I want to reach out, grab it and start eating it.. Wow

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Great photography... I am sure the salads even taste better than the pictures... Healthy... Great stuff


Have you ever tried watermelon with Bulgarian cheese... get recipe idea...