lax to sfo.

**just a note: i would have normally have put this on my los angeles blog, but a lot of you are world travellers, so you might be interested in this post. i do talk about food eventually :)

virgin america moodlighting

i haven't been to san francisco in eons, so i thought it was about time. the last few times i did go, i drove, but with gas prices being what they are--along with the fact that i was going alone--made me decide to fly instead. also, virgin america airlines was offering a promo rate of $39 each way. sold! i later found i could pay $15 extra for a bulkhead or for an exit row seat; then when i got to the airport, they asked if i'd like to upgrade to a first class seat for $50. i would like, thankyewverramuch, but because i had paid for the legroom upgrade, my first class seat only cost another $35. whoo! $89 each way still ended up cheaper than what i would have spent on gas, so i was happy.

the flight was delayed for a sucktastic three hours; in the time i spent travelling to the airport, checking in and waiting i could already have been in sf had i driven. no matter--any irritations were melted away when i got on board: mood lighting! chillout music! happy flight attendants! apologetic captain dressed all in black! also, comfy leather seats with power outlets so i could charge my phone in flight (not just in first class, too).

virgin america red interactive

and the best part? a coolicious touch screen at every seat with on demand movies, videos, live satellite television, 3000+ mp3s, games, chat rooms, and seat-to-seat chat.

virgin america seat 2 seat chat

how crazy awesome is that?! although, on a 50-minute flight, not many people are interested in chatting. emailing, texting, and books/articles to read are forthcoming.

if you are hungry or thirsty, you can use the touch screen to order food and drink, then pay using a credit/debit card (no cash is accepted). i forgot to check that category, but i know archer farms snacks are available. in first class, there was a little lunchbox on offer, which held three little containers and a whole lotta cutlery.

virgin america lunch

there was a soba salad with a sesame dressing, panna cotta with a pecan praline sauce, and balsamico-braised shiitake mushrooms. it may not look exciting, but all three were very good, the soba salad in particular (actually, it might be the best soba salad i've had, not that i've had many). small, but filling.

i've read a few reviews about virgin, none of them particularly good, but i had a great time, and thought it was definitely worth the price. i'm fairly certain the $39 was a temporary promotion, but as long as the prices remain competitive, i will definitely consider taking virgin again. i would, however, like to try a longer flight next time.


I would love to try them too!! lol sounds like a good travel experience;-)

Neat! Too bad you couldn't while away those three hours in your comfy leather seat with that coolicious (love that!) touch screen. I've never flown on Virgin and have no idea when I'll be flying again... but I'll remember this for sure!

that sounds like how air travel used to be back in the day when i was ye high [fx: hand waving 30cm off ground]. or even just 10 years ago, but in asia.

that infamous SFO 3 hour delay really gets to me too. and when it's followed by a u(suc)nited flight, i have been know to lose my rag. but if it's followed by that kawaii bento, i'd forgive them anything!

hi santos,

i've heard good things about virgin, but i don't even know if they have flights out of hawaii.

anyway, i actually dropped by your blog because i just now saw your bookshelf picture being used by someone. http://booksaga.blogspot.com/ is the place. you seem nice enough to let people use your pics, but i was thinking he should at least give credit for such an awesome pic.


hello johnna, i really shouldn't base my opinion on just one round trip, but i have to say it was great all around :)

hi cathy! if you ever come to visit me in la, there is a dc to la flight :)

akatsukira, asia, but not philippines to guam or guam to anywhere actually....continental, the main guam carrier has gotten so much better i have to say. they've got these touch screens too, but no chat.

argh, that SFO fog! and the general consensus is those SF united flight attendants are terse....

hi vedra! i'm glad you've heard good things about virgin. i'd love it if they flew to hawaii.

you know, i think i did give that guy permission, but thanks for letting me know! i should really keep a track of these things, shouldn't i?

wow. great plane food! no cold chicken or half frozen sausage options? :)

there was a soba salad with a sesame dressing, panna cotta with a pecan praline sauce, and balsamico-braised shiitake mushrooms

so while waiting, did you get a chance to read or knit or do anything else you can do with idle hands and idle time?