beat the heat.

gaaaah. it's 86˚F here on island, but the 68% humidity is making it feel like 93˚F. i am leth. ar. gic. with a capital arrrrrrrrrrg, so i'm probably going to head out to one of my two favourite refuges from this icky weather.

mt. lam lam sno and ice cream

my mom 'n' pops choice would be mt. lam lam sno n ice cream shop. it's along a main highway, but it is a village stand (albeit indoors) with just a few benches to sit upon, manned by teenagers whose tips go towards their college fund. love that. this is very much a family and village affair, where the kids in the neighbourhood go to pick up a shave ice to eat on the way home, or a softball team will celebrate with sundaes eaten outside on the stoop or sitting in the back of pickup truck in the parking lot.

mt. lam lam menu

the menu is small; besides the shave ice/snow cone offerings, you can get your choice of (foremost brand?) ice cream in cone, cup or aga sundae (their version of a banana split), a couple of drink options, and a decent, slightly-above-basic halo-halo, the filipino confection of shaved ice, preserved fruits, and milk.

mt. lam lam halo-halo

my other favourite is the shave ice surprise, which you can get in any flavour of the rainbow (except li hing mui, the preserved plum flavouring from hawaii. it's just not a guam thing, drats.). what makes it a surprise? well, if i told you then it wouldn't be a surprise then, would it?

mt. lam lam shave ice

ironically, mt. lam lam is nowhere near the actual mount lamlam, the tallest mountain on island, and purported to be one of the tallest mountains in the world, as its base is somewhere deep in the marianas trench. no, this mt. lamlam is easier to get to in barrigada, and a much less daunting place.

mt. lamlam sno n ice cream
route 8, near the other house of liberty


dolce frutti

a little closer to home is dolce frutti, a six-month old gelateria in the turista zone of tumon. the housemade gelati and sorbets are made on the premise using as fresh as possible ingredients, without emusifiers or preservatives. although the prices are high, the portions are large, the ingredients are good. and while it's not the best gelato i've had, it's nowhere near the worst. my only gripe is that don't particularly care for dolce frutti's version of my favourites--pistachio, vanilla, and fig--but it does pretty good versions of everything else, in particular, anything with a chocolate involved. i recommend stracciatella, its version of mint chocolate chip, or mecroche, which is hazelnut, milk chocolate and crispy bits, like this particular product.

dolce frutti flavours

the gelati and sorbets flavours change frequently, but the most popular flavours are almost always available. dolce frutti also does the full complement of coffee drinks, and boasts a decent amount of indoor and outdoor seating. be prepared for a wait, however; it's a perfect spot for people watching, and within walking distance of at least 30 restaurants. also, sometimes it just takes a girl a little while to pick exactly what she wants. :)

take your pick

dolce frutti
the plaza, on the end closest to sandcastle,


It's only 10 AM here but I could really use a shave ice.

What is the surprise?

We could really use some here too..!! missed shave ice..!

i too am lethargic, here in la. soo hot! would love one of those shaved iced treats. i'm too lethargic to go get one though.

It's "Kona" here and muggy. The shave ice is a very good idea! I love the cute little muffin doughnuts. I will have to give them a try.

you take fabulous photos. I miss the heat :( I used to live on Maui :)

Thanks for the good tip here on the island! I just got my Guam's driver's license about a week ago and was exploring today and almost drove off the road with excitement when I saw the Mt. Lamlam shop from your blog! Now that I know where it is, I'm going to give it a shot!

I finally went to Mt. Lamlam for the first time after seeing it here. Every time we went it was closed. Now we know the hours too. I had the surprise on top of my shave ice surprise, did you eat yours as to not give it away before you took the picture? lol

cybele, it's 9pm here and i could use one right now.

jessica, if i told you it wouldn't be a surprise

mamabok, i want ice kachang!

susan, i'm just lazy right now :)

acornbud, i wish we had li hing mui as a flavour here.

hi dirty kitchen secrets! please stop by again if you want some heat :)

ablykins, i hope your toe is better! there are a lot of warm days ahead of us.

hi sue! i don't even know the hours, what are they? i think my surprise was that they forgot to put a surprise on top (laughing)

Most days they are open from noon to 8 pm, I believe Sunday might be different. I guess they left out your surprise then, haha.

try august in texas with hi heat and humidity...i have given up on makeup, just ends up dripping off my chin!!

hmmm. too close...way too close...better i stay here! i would gain a ton! just walking by!!!

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