surprise delivery.

korean strawberries

s just brought over a case of super-sweet strawberries from korea, about 4 pounds' worth. any baking/dessert requests?


howsabout a strawberry napoleon

wot! u rd my mnd

so pretty! how about a strawberry charlotte?

omg! fr srius u peeps r rdng my mnd

Beautiful picture of my favorite fruit! If it's got fresh berries and whipped cream, I'm up for anything:))

Awesome..!! strawberry cheesecake..??

Oh just give me a bowl of condensed milk and I'm good to go. :D

strawberry pie! like the one from anna millers on oahu!

turn that crate of strawberries into a small fortune of little chocolate American footballs. (seen on sarah's twitter feed)

mmmmmamabok, cheesecake, yum. i think a pink one would be nice.

toni, ah, you're killing me. i can't keep that stuff in the house or i'll finish the whole can.

babybirthdaynurse, that would be awesome. except, i don't think i have enough strawberries now!

bramble, ha, i saw that too. $50!!! the korean strawbs are more elongated--they'd probably look more like footballs than those do!

Isn't it kinda cold in Korea this time of year!

yes, i think it is. if you were to see these strawberries in the pack, they are so uniform and clean that you could believe that they weren't nature-made. so maybe the weather really doesn't matter! (although, we only get strawberries from korea in the winter...is that weird?)