new year, new kitchen.

another kitchen

well, maybe not so much a new kitchen as *another* one. i've moved to a decidedly more urban dwelling when in manila, with a clean and cozy kitchen. does this mean i'll actually do some city cooking in 2008?! you and totoro will just have to stay tuned.

happy 008 everyone!


Wow! Just across The Enterprise, is it? See you anytime anywhere!

and new header color! Happy New Year!

Happy New Year..!

hello sky! i can play the real live version of frogger across dela rosa with all the call center kids now :)

hi cathy! i was too lazy to do a whole new layout, it will have to do for now :)

mamabok, hallo!

happy new year to all!

Oh my, does this mean more Manila based posts from you? Will we see you at the markets? Happy new year!

Hey Santos - A most delici-yoso New Year to you!

Happy New Year Santos, and Happy New Home!

Happy New Year! Great view.

miss mila, i hope you had a wonderful new year. i have high hopes for the kitchen, but alas, i think the refrigerator reveals the truth: one frozen bibingka, ice cubes, six pounds of coffee in the freezer, a giant jug of water, two chocolate bars and three kinds of margarine (canola, canola light, and olive oil) in the fridge. not a good start for my culinary endeavours!

hey kirk, zarah and maria, come visit me in manila!

I want to visit in Manila too! Happy New Year!

wow. new place! hmm... farther from the malls... closer to the squidball pushcarts! happy newyear!!!

republic, come on over!

tommy, come on over...in three years :)

Happy New Year! The buildings look familiar...I have to echo Mila: will we see you at the markets soon? :)

What a fun and informative site you have. We're adding Manila to our "to visit" list now. Keep up the good work!

happy new year! i hope to get to manila soon....i could use a better exchange rate though :P

Happy New Year Santos! This kitchen looks much simpler than your green and blue tiled one!