cake and communion wafers

they sell communion wafers at rustan's supermarket in makati. you can find them next to the chocolate cake.


I wonder if they'll be showing up here soon... I remember reading that they were a popular snack in Canada.

who knew? when I was a little girl, I just thought they were shipped down directly from heaven.

i love your blog design.

wait, are you both talking about chocolate cake? ;)

urban vegan, sadly, i'm going to have to give up this template for better functionality. hopefully the next one will look better as well as work better!

i need to know: are there any occasions where communion wafers would be necessary and/or desirable besides a church service or mass? i can't think of any.

- shukumei

um, no? chocolate cake on the other hand....

Gee, I was wondering where those things came from. I guess they are preconverted ones. Maybe they will go well with lemon curd or orange marmalade.

i don't know but from experience i know they go fairly well with wine :)

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perhaps for someone a lapsed catholic like me but who loves chocolate cake this is a kind of reminder...
santos have fun... you just made me laugh so hard!!!

when i was a kid, they make these wafers into sweet snacks. they add caramel, peanuts and sesame seeds to it.

crushed wafers are sometimes made into cookies...similar to oatmeal cookies. maybe they call this one -angel cookie. i remember they're available at The Good Shepherd, Baguio.