the girl who ate mini-burgers.

brioche mini-burgers

grilled sirloin beef mini-burgers seasoned with kosher salt and black pepper, served on homemade brioche buns with melted fresh mozzarella and a green pesto made with arugula (rocket), mint, roasted garlic, parmesan, walnuts and lots of olive oil. pheeee-yuw, that's a long description. i was inspired by roboppy's sliders, which you can read about on her tasty blog. there isn't a bouchon bakery nor its equivalent anywhere in a 1200 mile radius from me, so i was left to my own devices. the brioche recipe of choice: peter reinhart's "middle class" recipe (you can read about my earlier brioche adventures); this time, i baked the dough as rolls with the aid of well-buttered dessert rings to create a more dome-shaped bun. the arugula pesto recipe came courtesy of elise, the only modification was doubling the amount of raw garlic to one clove, and the addition of a handful of mint, mainly because it was there. although i added a healthy dose to the burgers, there will be plenty enough left to use in other dishes. like pasta. amazing, that.

i didn't quite make the burgers as small as the bouchon ones seem to be, and they definitely weren't sliders as there was a fair amount of chewing involved. however, the buttery, sweet brioche was a good foil to the juicy, slightly salty beef and the pungent, peppery pesto. if i had to do it over again, i think i would look for a more flavourful cheese, perhaps something a little sweet and nutty like agnes dipesto jarlsberg or even comté. otherwise, a pretty good bet is that i'll make these again.


deeeeeeeeelicious. i've been thinking a lot about sliders recently. i think i'll serve them at the "yellow" party if my boy lets me.

Wow - they look fantastic. I hope whoever got to eat those appreciated all the work that went into them! Or maybe you kept them all for yourself? :)

I've only had the Cheesecake Factory sliders and they were tasty. Yours look very elegant and yummy!

i'm a new reader writing to say THANK YOU for my morning visual fix of bizarre cravings like, say, creative pestos adorning mini burgers on brioche!

Thanks for the good ideas and the beautiful food.

deborah, i hope he does!

cathy, i ate one and a half of one, and the others were given away at work. hey, maybe i should start a rating system like your cookie one :) although, we're a pretty boring bunch--no denny amongst us!

acornbud, have you been to the one in waikiki? every time i drive by, it looks like the crowds are all tourists! surely they must have one they can go to at home :P

kristinking! thanks for the compliments, i hope you stop by again soon!

What about havarti? It's my personal favorite for melty things. Like grilled cheese ;o)

alicia, yes! havarti and edam would be lovely and buttery...butterier...eek!

i just had lunch... i'm hungry again.

i just had lunch too. i really need to lie down.

We love mini burgers - herbie burgers are a big hit.
And brioche is such a delicious bread...
Yours look fantastic.

charlotte, thank you for coming by and taking the time to leave a comment. i look forward to reading your blog, especially after seeing your herbie burgers. i'm hungry!

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