winter wonderland, the hardcopy edition.

happy holidays hardcopy

hallo nenes, remember this photo? the very kind folks at fotofolio in their dubious infinite wisdom have published it as a christmas/holiday card this year. yay. i'm simply thrilled, honey. i'd be even more thrilled if one of you out there actually sees it at a shop; so much so that the first person to snap a photo of my card in a store and send it to me shall receive a little holiday gift in return!


that's awesome!! I remember that photo well - congrats!

It's a very pretty photo! Congratulations!

I hope they make food postcards. Heck, you should create foodie postcards using your photos. :)

I'm not sure the other commenters understand your point. For that matter, maybe I don't. Did these people rip you off, as others have used your photos before? Hope I'm wrong...

hello john, i think cathy and toni got it; fotofolio did not rip me off, but quite kindly bought the photo and published as a christmas card this year. i have yet to actually see it in a shop, however....