just in time for the holidays

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the tsogb holiday gift list starts here: christ butter v satan butter. who will save your soul? or your arteries, anyway. i heart independent booksellers, and especially ones that also sell cool art, cool toys, and cool art toys. atomic books got the goods, yo! and a whole section dedicated to food and cooking to boot.

modpint rxflask

nothing says the holidays like alcohol consumption. do it in style with mod pint glasses and an rx flask, in case your local pub doesn't do snakebites.


if i ran mozza, these would be my charcuterie plates. which is probably why i don't run mozza. this delightful cannibal kingdom melamine plate set is one of the many great products from pop ink, a division of csa design. i will probably buy all of their products as gifts...and end up keeping them.

spice magazine western australia raging yoghurt bag
photo from man that cooks

send a gift subscription for the best food magazine in western australia, spice, and pack it in this very groovy shopping tote from the very groovy café press shop of raging yoghurt.

if you are feeling a little more altruistic and less materialistic, why not send someone a certificate of donation for a pig, a plough, or a cow to a family in a developing nation? one of my favourite gifts is buying trees from organizations to help foresting and reforesting efforts (rebel's wood is a personal fave); you can find an organization to help through the tree council or the spirit of trees page. the los angeles-based tree people have a campaign to bring fruit trees into underprivileged, urban areas--maybe your local environmental organization has a similar campaign.

and of course, there is always the ongoing menu for hope. dozens of amazing gifts, all of them up for grabs for a mere US$10 donation. no one said it had to be for you to keep--although who would blame you if you did?


From atomic books:

Backyard Meat Production
by:Anita Evangelista
Price: $ 14.95
How to Grow All the Meat You Need in Your Own Backyard.

If she's Linda's sister, I'm in love.

Lots of great ideas. The butter cracked me up.

Hi Santos! I love your blog. I was looking for a recipe for bibingka and I happened to come across it. Your pictures are great and so are the recipes you provide. Looking forward to reading more.


that anita's a firecracker. i think she might be the martha stewart of survivalists as she also wrote "how to develop a low-cost family food-storage system", and "how to live without electricity--and like it". hm. i think she needs a little investigation...

hi acornbud! i think i might have to get a set. i hear satan is more popular.

hi cristy! thanks for stopping by and dropping a note. i hope you find something enjoyable to read here :)

hi santos! about good australian mags, another foodie mag is available locally here in manila.

i get delicious. monthly at a totally friendlier local price (more than half the australian release) and you still get the same mag.

delicious. freatures regularly the cable chefs nigella lawson and, my fave, jamie aliver.

ei, share me an old copy of spice when you get back here.

happy holidays!

If you buy one Western Australian food magazine this year, make sure it's Spice.

: )

tommmyyyy i'll give you loads o' delicious. and spice-iness tooo. mezzaxmas

anthony, well, of course. it is *the* choice of western australia.

How did I know the Satan Butter was from Baltimore?

PS I love Baltimore.

mary jane, happy holidays to you and your family! baltimore's awesome, but i don't think i would've automatically associated satan butter with it :) what was the tip off?