happy hallowed weiners.

halloween heads

ah, halloween. this year was a little slow for us, only about 1500 kids showed up compared to last year's estimated 2500; perhaps because it was a school night. despite the "low" attendance, we still had to hire several neighbourhood kids to come and direct the flow of traffic and hand out the sweeties. and what did we feed these constantly hungry teenagers? charcoal-grilled bacon-wrapped hot dogs with grilled onions, sweet peppers, chili peppers, and korean spicy pickled radish (daigo). doin' streetfood guamish-style, and making all the kids happy this year.

bacon wrapped hot dog

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the porch looks great! I love those lights. I missed most of the rush here (if there was one), so I'm stuck with bags of candy that I'm going to have to unload at work. Hope you had fun! (the hotdog looks delicious!)

Wow that looks great (the porch and hotdog both).

Love the decorations and the hot dog looks really wonderful. That's a lot of kids!

I think like 20 kids showed up in my neighborhood, here in the CA. It was a huge change from what I was used to in Guam. I actually had time between trick-or-treaters to get completely dressed up, made up, and eat dinner (not a dinner so amazing as your hotdogs).

Everything looks so awesome:) Hope you had a great Halloween!!!

hi everyone! i had a great time, and the hot dogs were gone in minutes :)

i was actually quite relieved that there weren't as many kids this year. clean up time was quicker, and i actually got to bed before midnight this year.