i'm chilling out in mexico. i'll be with you here and on my la blog shortly!


Wow..!! envy..!! have a great time.. Santos..!

happy vacation!

Have fun! How long will you be in LA?

Wow, which part of Mexico is that? The sea is so blue and beautiful.

Have fun!

Well that just does it. I'm never looking at your blog again! Walks away positively, completely green with envy...sniffs...tears up...goes to kitchen for pork rinds.

hi mama bok! oh! i need your email, so i can send baby bok more postcards :)

ana, thanks!

reid, not long enough!

rasa, this is the beach at conchas chinas, just south of puerto vallarta in jalisco. it really is this blue and beautiful.

gail, mmmmmmmm, pork rinds. get some salsa too, and it will be just like here :p


I would love to feature some of these AMAZING recipes over at Group Recipes.

Thank you .. thank you . .thank you..!!
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