name that fruit!: atemoya.

salcedo fruit

sometimes i feel like i could be perfectly happy not ever eating another washington apple nor california grape again, as long as i had an abundance of tropical fruit available. sometimes, especially when i see the variety available in the markets and shops in the philippines. i am a little sad to see that more tropical fruit is being imported in from malaysia and thailand at a cheaper price than the local crops, and while i appreciate the availability, i hope local farmers do not suffer because of the competition.

fti papaya salcedo bananas
fti assorted fruit

i haven't really taken the time to figure out what fruits are in season each month, and i most certainly haven't tried all the different kinds. however, i do try to taste a fruit unfamiliar to me every time i go.

fti atemoya

this time around i tried an atemoya, a hybrid between a sweetsop, otherwise known as atis (annona squamosa), and cherimoya (annona cherimola). both are members of the same family of fruit, annonas, and all the fruit are similar in colouring--a pale green, lightly textured thin skin covers milky white flesh flecked with large black seeds. the flavour is milky, sweet, and very delicately tart.


the only difference that i can discern between this and atis is that the bulby protuberances are a bit spikier, and the fruit seem capable of growing larger. the flesh a little denser, and somewhat "fruitier" in taste, with a bit of a latex-like aftertaste. almost as if it was a cross between atis and a piece of juicyfruit gum. not really a good selling point, but maybe intriguing enough for you to try one.


Here i call it Cherimoya and it grows in Spain , never tried to grow it he in Provence, but i love the taste of it ...
Garance"Les Cuisines de Garance"

Stay away from Durian, it is an acquired taste! I tried it once and it tasted bad and smelled worse.

Look at all that tropical fruit! I envy your access to fresh mangosteens :(

I'm just salivating after the bananas in that picture. Cyclones wiped out 90% of Australia's crops so the pitiful few bananas left cost about $4AU each.

My folks love those cherimoya and things. They look too funky for me to taste, heh. Love the abundance and colors of your pictures.

I thought for sure you were talking about those red spikey things in the first picture - what are they? What's the texture of the atemoyas like? They almost look a little dry in the photo.

hello garance! i wonder if it would grow there--you'll have to try it and let me know :)

djagoe, i have tried durian, and the taste was okay but not something i need to try again--it's the odour i can't stand!

ellie--i know i'm lucky in the mangosteen front, they're just so good. i'm glad they're available to me for a good part of the year.

leigh, oh my goodness, AU$4 for a banana?? poor you and your fellow australians! i wonder if your bananas are similar to these or more like the western variety. the flavour of these is a little different (they're a little tart), which i prefer.

hi acornbud! my mom loves cherimoyas, atis, atemoyas, all those darned annonas. i am not completely fond of any of them myself, i like fruit that's more sweet and sour than just sweet.

hi cathy! those red things are called rambutan, they are similar to lychee in texture and flavour. i should do a post on those! the texture of the atemoya is not so much dry as firm. i can't think of a western equivalent in terms of other fruit....it's firm fleshed, but has a tendency to "flake" like fish...hm, i'm doing a bad job of this. although, yes, it's like cod. it's the whitefish of fruits :P

The atemoya looks like a bunch of baby bananas that sorta fused together and stopped growing at a tender age.

By the way...I've been meaning to ask you what green bananas smell like? Where did the blog name come from? Inquiring minds want to know.

acme, you're right, it does look like a banana bunch gone awry :)

green bananas mostly smell like nothing, haaaa, and the name is a goofy take on one of the most visually appealing movies i've ever seen, "mùi du du xanh", or, "the scent of green papaya."

like little aliens! I wish I could find such wonderful treats around me.

Coming out of lurkdom to say that the atemoya is called custard apple here in Singapore. And to add that I enjoy your blog.

Hey Santos - it's called 'custard apple'in Australia too! It's one of my favourite fruits. PS - i found a Filipino grocery store down the road from my work and tried some bibingka! I'm going to try their other sweets too.

I never knew it's called atemoya! We know it as custard apple


I like the atemoya fruit. We call it nona in Malaysia. BUT WE DON'T GROW IT HERE. Some are imported from Australia or Spain while in season.

Where is the pictute taken. And where can I get the fruit? Except from Australia or Spain. Can you get me the seedlings or just seeds fro me to do trial planting.



We call it atemoya in Hawaii too! My parents who are from the Phillipines call it ati. I love it! This is the sweetest fruit I've ever tasted. I bought some a the local farmers market for $1 each. It is grown locally here. My husband tried it for the 1st time and couldn't believe how sweet it is. What a neat creation!!

What farmers market did you buy them at? I really am missing sitaphal (what we call custard apple / sweetsop in India). If I can, I really would want to try it here - even if it is a different version of the fruit I am used to.