high fiber diet.


why does everything i eat these days taste like cardboard?


i'll have a flat white with that, please

Even looks like a piece of cardboard hoohoo :p
Previous template better...

Sorry, it's me above.

Even that should have tasted good with all that butter and jam!

I can't answer the why-it-tastes-like-cardboard question but I like the photo. I'm actually pretty fond of toast with butter and jam but for some reason I never eat it.

i love the title! you clever green banana you.

Oi my comment's gone. Maybe into the



You've captured this one to great effect! I LOVE IT!

hi rabbit! sadly looks like the majority of commenters like the new look. oh well, you'll never know when i'll change it again!

cathy, ha. it probably tastes just like what i normally eat, those ryvita/wasa flatbread thingos.

julie, i do the same thing, why is that? i tend to overlook toast and jam and yet it's so good when i bother.

saffron, i am a depleted banana and the moment.

anthony, what's hiding in that second dimension?

whoo! reid emerges! love your sandwiches. hope you aren't working too hard!

Santos, can you overlap the title and the picture in your current system?

Funny stuff :)