mr. wusstig's corn crop

mister wusstig

when you are on island, you don't necessarily get your produce and fish from supermarkets. there are vegetable stands on the roadside in dededo, a trailer in tamuning that sells fresh tuna and marlin, pickup trucks with coolers filled with freshly caught reef fish, or just picked farm produce all over the island. some trucks are even filled with bottles of the local moonshine, tuba, which is made from fermented coconut water.

one place you are sure to find a produce truck or two is across the street from the GMF (guam main facility) post office in barrigada, just to the left of the entrance of the national guard headquarters. one of the most popular crops has to be sweet corn, which is only grown by ernie wusstig on island. his truck is instantly recognizable by the white and green plastic canopy, and of course, the truckbed filled with hundreds of ears of freshly picked corn.

mr. wusstig has a 20-acre farm in the northern part of the island, the majority of which is devoted to the corn crops, which are harvested three times a year. he was out harvesting this lot yesterday, so this is as fresh a product as you'll get on island. if you are out driving by GMF, do stop and pick up an ear or two; a bag of thirteen will only set you back a tenner, and he's likely to throw in more. you'll be supporting our local farmers, and eating healthy, tasty local produce to boot.

more corn


Gosh, now I wish I live on the island. I have never eaten freshly picked corn before, it must taste heavenly grilled and eaten with melted butter. It's lunch time here in snowy Oslo and I have a taste of corn in my mouth. I just love the internet.

Ooooh local produce! Just about nothing beats locally grown produce in season. We used to have alot of corn and watermelon stands on the North Shore of Oahu and would always stop by and grab some!

What a great post. I used to get all kinds of fresh stuff from the Asian stands near Liguan Terrace, I have not been back to Guam for about 5 years and hope to get there this summer.

They used to have fresh fish swimming in tanks, live shrimp and lots of great produce. You do the island good with a post like this.

Watch my spelling:

Si yuus maasi

I'm so envious - fresh corn in March! It looks gorgeous too.

I wanna go to Guam! It's on my list. =D

Oh, I wish it were summer already. We have great local sweet corn here, and I absolutely love stopping at the little farmer's stands for fresh produce.
Thanks for the great picture!

hi of--i grilled some just for you tonight :) mmmmmm, delicious! photo to follow!

hey kirk, the corn is totally like the corn from the north shore. what is that? kahuku? or did i just call you crazy?

hi gia, the stands on fatima road have all but closed down during road construction---grrrr! i'll find out where they relocated, if they've relocated.

your spelling's fine :) just slightly off with maase

hi cathy! it wasn't the best crop i've gotten from him--it will get better soon, though, from previous experience. it's not as sweet as some of the white corn i've gotten from maryland, but it really is sweet from being freshly picked from the stalk. wonderful!

ana, please come!

fiber, it's so nice to have access to produce straight from the farms, isn't it? it's really a luxury here on this little island, but it's worth every bit.

no reply necessary - just wanted to say bravo to the bee-utiful pics!

miss eating freshly picked corn
there is so much fun peeling
having those hairy fibres between yr teeth

sha, you're awesome. i want to eat corn with you.

I am crazy...... But yes, it is Kahuku.

Awesome, awesome! I miss island life so much.

mahalo, crazy guy :)

get thee to an island, evil one!