brunch with breakaway.


i asked unazukin if i should post this, and i got a tepid response. still, i have nothing else, and i rather enjoyed this meal of grilled "bacon" and curried rice pilaf from eric gower's "breakaway kitchen", which has become a kitchen staple. the recipes are here, but i modified the bacon for what i had on hand, so the marmalade, lemon, and ginger was switched out for an apple conserve and calvados (apple brandy), which made the bacon go all charred-like, but lent a sweet, spicy, cidery taste i enjoyed immensely.

curried apple pilaf

i paired that up with the accompanying curried apple pilaf; it is made with short-grained japanese rice cooked in fresh carrot juice, with fuji apple, slivered almonds and cilantro, and seasoned with ginger, garlic, cinnamon and curry. although it sounds a bit unusual, the flavours come together well. trust me on this. or ms.lynn, who has also made a version. the meal seemed much lighter than your average pork and rice combination, what with all the apples and fresh herbs, and the ginger and other spices provided a nice kickstart to the morning. recommended.


I don't usually like bacon...but that bacon looks good.

Hey S,

This looks great. There is a total Ladies-Who-Lunch spot in San Marino called Julienne that served candied bacon- it is sooooooo good. Sounds like your bacon is similar- looks delicious.

Mmm...that pilaf looks and sounds heavenly!

Both look delicious! I looked at the recipes... did you slice the pork yourself? I'm not familiar with sukiyaki-cut - could you use a pork tenderloin?

robyn, it's a bit chinese-ylike. that is so not a word.

astrogirl from tokyo, lead me to this candied bacon of which you speak!

munkaya, the pilaf was great, and simple to do--most of the work is done in the rice cooker!

hi cathy! sukiyaki cut just means pork loin cut super-thin so it can cook quickly in sukiyaki-like soup dishes. so, yes, pork tenderloin is perfect!

wow, the curried apple pilaf sounds and looks delicious!

You have a fabulous site with so many interesting entries. I hope you don't mind me linking you up, since I've just set up a food-themed blog of my own. =)

i take the curried apple pilaf... dang am leaving soon if i say yes to the job then I will be working along with a frog chef (most of them can be so arrogant!) but might learn a lot

reminds me to thaw my irish bacon. the swiss cheese came home one day bearing these bacon but we dont eat bacon all the time so i divided them in portions and freeze!

unazukin wasn't too eager for you to post this because she wanted to keep it as a nice little secret dish for her only, I suppose? :) looks delish!

hi kat, the pilaf was great!

abster, what is the name of your blog? i'll add you to the list.

sha, irish bacon? mmmmm, sarap! where will you be working?

chika-san, unazukin is a little bossy thing, she is. it was burned a bit, but still delish!

it's an old post, i know... but you've just inspired me for dinner, curried orzo pilaf with some roasted cherry tomatoes and cilantro.