yeasty 'boise

raspberry almond tart

the last (for the moment) of my richard bertinet experiments: fresh raspberries and crème d'amande baked into a sweet dough base, then dusted with a drift of confectioner's sugar and slivered almonds. the original recipe calls for fresh apricots, but i had a few punnets of raspberries that needed immediate consumption, so they make their way on this crostata/danish hybrid. the crème d'amande is made from ground almonds, unsalted butter, eggs and sugar, and is almost as rich as marzipan, but lighter and not as sweet; the same can be said about the dough in relation to brioche. together with the warm raspberries, you create a sumptuous but not-too-guilty any-time-of-day treat.

a note: i think i've been putting too much yeast in the bertinet recipes. i tested my scale, and it's a bit wonky; everything i'm baking seems fluffier than in the book. nonetheless, i've been quite satisfied with everything i've tried so far and look forward to the next time fancy strikes.

raspberry almond tart, up close and totoro'd.

i heart totoro


great post title!
Raspberries with almonds is such a great flavor combo. This looks like a wonderful take on the classic almond tart.

I had to say I love the Totoro plate! The tart looks delicious too - raspberries mmm...

I heart Totoro too! Yay Totoro!

And, the tart looks fantastic.

oh man. if thats what you get when you add extra yeast, then thats cool with me. like the exchange of apricots for raspberries. are they dear in guam? here a small box of raspberries can cost you $8! And usually one needs three for when fancy strikes.

Whatv a yummy looking danishy/cakey thing you concocted, Santos! I'll have to put that book on my wishlist, sounds like there are quite a few goodies in there.

Yum - the tart looks delicious and is just beautiful! I think the plate is cute too. Did you actually buy all those conversation hearts or did you tinker with them yourself?

Your plate's so cute!

AHGRGHARH WHY SO DELICIOUS STOPPIT #!&@! etc. Beautiful photo! Tasty! Eat! Photo!

Totoro!!! So cute.

hiya mcauliflower! glad you like the title; i was a little worried because i think "boise" really meas "timber", gaaaah.

hi anita! isn't it cute? the lady who sells them said that it's mostly adults who buy these plates for themselves, not their children.

hi l! yay totoro!

yes, ms. saffron, they are dear. and they come from nz as well. we can get them for a bit less when the us ones are in season, but that seems a long way off.

hi viv--i really like this book. once you get the technique down (although i'm not sure i really have), it is so easy to whip up a batch of something. i'm sure i'll turn to it again soon enough.

hi cathy! i actually use a combination of acme heart maker and photoshop. try it, it's fun :)

hi ana, it's very kawaii!

noooo, robyn, don't eat the photo! eat the tart. DO NOT EAT TOTORO!!

ooh santos there is an Italian bakery in San Francisco called Dianda's that makes the same EXACT thing...I will have to go there tomorrow and take a picture and show you and then eat it! LOL....nice excuse eh? Too bad the bakery doesn't have an e-tail site. It IS a wonderful combination of raspberries, slivered almonds on a cakey tart dusted with powdered sugar.

OMG, you got the plate!!! I love it and your heart candy, too. I enjoy all your lovely food.
I love Totoro:)

and is almost as rich as marzipan, but lighter and not as sweet;

Good. Does anyone else find marzipan slightly creepy?

Totoro Rules!

hi fabmimi! i'd love to see photos of that--better yet, i'd like to go to sf and see it/eat it!

hi acornbud--totoro's the bomb :)

anthony, why creepy??

jack, you said it!

Makes me think of overweight boys in sailor suits with elderly ladies.

glumly licking their plates clean? the boys, not the grannies.

your blog look so nice!
your plate is realllllllly cute!

The tart looks delicious - I love any pastry/baked good with an almond base. But, I'm wild about Totoro plate! May I ask where you bought it?

hi ooishigirl--thanks for stopping by! hope to hear from you again :)

hi anon! noritake makes totoro patterned pieces, but i'm not sure if it's limited to japan. i'm in guam, and we get a different set--which includes plate, cup, and saucer--and a couple of teacup patterns every year. you can see the saucer in this link. very cute!