good fortune

good fortune trees

kiat kiat (mandarin orange) trees decorated with ampao, red packets filled with money. orange trees are considered good fortune symbols in the lunar new year, as the colour is similar to gold. from the saturday market at salcedo village, makati.


Such a beautiful, vibrant color. I wish I had the space to grow something so lovely.

How very pretty and very productive! :)

AH lucky you! Looking beautiful . Just got one which is drying out inside!! Help!

hello mochene! i wish i had the patience.

hi milgwimper, isn't it nice? i wish i had some.

hello bea! not lucky me :/ i couldn't take them home, just admired them at the market. oh no! i have a black thumb, so cannot be of any gardening help, sorry!


I've heard somewhere the name is also homophonic with gold in chinese, but I might be wrong.

Yes yes I know Beavis.

snorrrrrrrrt. go-quats. i've seen cumquats as topiary too, but i guess not as common in the philippines as in china. i did buy a near bushel of 'quats to devour though.

Nope, kiatkiats aren't kumquats. Check out Marketman's posting about the differences between the small citrus (kiatkiats) and kumquats. Both are tasty though.

hi mila! i'm not sure anthony was implying they were, but you're right--they both are tasty :)