seared citrus-miso marinated scallops

citrus-miso scallops with black sticky rice

seared citrus-miso marinated scallops, served on a bed of steamed black sticky rice. i found some yuzu-flavoured miso at the market, and didn't really know what to do with it, so i poked the web a bit, found an interesting scallop recipe on leite's culinaria, and improvised a marinade with what was on hand: a halfa cuppa yuzu miso or so, a few tablespoonfuls of bottled ponzu, a dash of sea salt. mixed, poured onto scallops, left them gazing at navel oranges in the fridge for a few hours. seared quickly, quickly, about one and a half, two minutes per side. added the black sticky rice because there's only red or black rice in the house right now and red seemed wrong. i'd never used black glutinous rice in a savoury recipe before, but was quite pleased with its nuttiness combined with slight citrus tang, the mellow misoeyness (i have no idea how to describe the taste of miso, or maybe i'm just too lazy), and the natural sweetness of the scallops. there's only so much sticky rice i can eat in one sitting, so it was more of a starter than a meal. a rather indulgent one at that.


"Miso-eyness"...brilliant! Gorgeous plating and shot, as ever Santos.

Happy New Year, Miss Thang!

mmmmmmm... that looks yummy. If you have some Miso left, you should try Nobu's miso cod. I know it's become a little common, but it's still delicious, and I think it'd be wonderful with the yuzu-enhancement.

I love black glutinous rice pudding, Thai-style with coconut milk. I keep some at home and the other day I didn't have enough rice, so I added some into the Jasmine rice. The whole thing turned into black, but quite good anyway and of course a little sticky. Looked much like yours here. And there's just nothing quite like the sweetness of seared scallops, simply delicious.

Gorgeous Santos. There's a recipe I've done that uses dengaku miso with scallops that you cook in an orange (should be a yuzu but good luck getting it here). It's nice but too much faffing around for a seafood that shouldn't be faffed around with too much. Looks like you've got a lovely balance on that front with this.

hey miss who wants more moira (meeeee!)--happy new year to you and your family!

hey ch--you know, i'm not a big fan of cod. i don't not like it, but i usually tend to go for fishier fish. however, i like the sound of the nobu dish. could you recommend something nice to serve on the side?

hey of--i love black glutinous rice pudding as well. now you've got me craving it, so it may show up on the blog soon!

hallo anthony--i agree, too much faffing is uncalled for. however, i am quite curious (orange) about the whole cooking in an orange thing. crazeeeee.

Santos, if you're making the black glutinous rice pudding one day, can you email me a day or two ahead? If I can I'll make it too, we post it the same day and it would be fun to see our different versions of this dessert! Oh well, another one of my "fine idea"...

'tis a fine idea--i'll email you soon!

From deep in the vaults in spiceblog

Scallops in an Orange

mmm look delicious. have only had the black rice as a sweet myself. wonder if you could so some kind of corriander-chilli relish to go with white sticky rice?

happy new year to you ms. santos :)

hiya anthony--nowt a photo? tis a pity. still, interesting recipe. i don't quite get the mandarin thing though--did you just peel it and use the peel or did you bore a hole innit with some flesh along the sides to fit the scallops?

misssssaffffrrrrrron! i will oblige. but perhaps you can provide a few more details towards your dream sticky dish ...?

No I don't think I'd worked out piccies by then.

Cut the top off and hollow out the orange. So the latter bit then

Hi Santos - this looks beautiful and I know I'm going to love it! It's a shame I can't get yuzu here...

hm, i'd like to try that sometime. have you made it lately?

hi keiko! i can't get fresh yuzu here either, although i remember a time when it was available. now we just get the juice and dried rind. and of course all sorts of flavoured stuff. i'm really looking forward to the day the real stuff shows up again!