that many?!

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it was exactly a year ago when i decided to answer the question i originally asked myself: just how many asian women have food blogs anyway? this many! i originally found 50, and now the list is at 176, and growing every day.

if you haven't seen the list, take a look--perhaps you'll find a new favourite. if you've seen it before, check it again and visit one you've not read lately. if you know of any others out there, let me know! the more the merrier.


Thanks again for this, Santos; I've found loads of online friends through your (frankly terrifying) list. Although there are plenty of non-blogging Asian women, I begin to wonder whether there any non-cooking Asian women at all!

There are a lot of foodies in this world. :)

I tagged you on my latest entry btw. ;)

I'm enjoying your culinary-oriented site. One of these days I'd love to visit Guamanian beaches. Please share which one is your favorite?
Susan, enjoys cooking Mexican and Chinese cuisine in California