oh, help. oh, joy!

i lost my bloody portable hard drive with all my photos innit.
in case you're in my house

i've lost my portable hard drive with the majority of my photo archive. if you could send good thoughts this way that i find it, and find it SOON, i will appreciate it greatly, put you in my good books forever, and dedicate the next batch of cupcakes to you.

update: still lost. i have, however, found:

my wallet (only missing for 6 months!)
my japanese pompom maker (japanese maker, not japanese pompoms)
40 skeins of yarn (now i can make a pompom hard drive)
a leprechaun with a missing hand (is this a bad sign?)


updated update: FOUND!!!! i couldn't have done it without you, thanks for all your great tips and good mojo. i have some cupcakes to bake and some plans to make, so thankyouthankyou THANK YOU!!!!! you rock, don't forget it.


That really sucks. Lots and lots of good luck and good thoughts coming your way from here.

I'm sorry to hear this. I hope you find it soon.

Oh my - Talk about a nightmare. I hope you'll be able to recover your data.

how about leaving posters about with a photo of the cupcakes/baked goods that the lucky finder would be rewarded with?

[brain waves of good luck flowing westwards in your direction....]


I'm beaming over sugary happy thoughts.

My stomach flip flopped when I read your post. Sending huge waves of aloha, lighting incense and saying prayers to all known deities that that which is lost will soon be restored to its rightful place.

thanks OF! could use the luck.

hi mumu! thank you!

hi kirk! i actually physically lost it somewhere. i swear, it was on the coffee table! darn hardware's too dang small these days--remember when a laptop weighed 15 pounds?

hi bramble! harrrr, i've made up a poster just for you. unfortunately, since i'm certain i left the drive in my house, i'd only be plying myself with baked goods. thanks for the brain waves!

hi robyn! thanks for the sugary thoughts, i need some right now. and um, a doughnut.

hi gail! i think i need one of those wood tiki guys from an abc store for a little luck :) thanks for the aloha!

awww so sorry to hear this santos. hope you managed to find it by now.

hi babe! thanks for the kind thoughts. i haven't found it, but i should be able to find the loch ness monster in my living room by tonight :)

Hi Santos, here's a site you may find useful. It's all common sense but sometimes it helps to have a step by step procedure to follow.


P.S. I really enjoy the pictures you post on your site. I'm sending positive thoughts from HI so you'll find the hard drive.

Oh no, I'm sorry to hear that. Okay I'm sending positive vibes your way now! I hope you find it!


I am so thinking good thoughts and prayers you find your harddrive. COMFORT

Hi Santos,

That must really bite.

I'm sure it will turn up somewhere! I'm sending my prayers to you from across the ocean!

again... this might help....

first... close your eyes....

breathe deeply....

close your eyes...

inhale...... shhhhhhhhhh........

exhale......... ffffff........


i said... C O N C E N T R A T E !!!!

now... think of the hardware coming to you.....


now open your eyes.....

there you go... you found your hardware.

oh that is totally frustrating!! I know how you feel - i recently found a treasured love ring that I knew was lost in my room but i just couldnt find it for months!

...and then one day I found it in one of my handbags. Don't lose faith, you'll find it!

Oh! That is awful! I know how you feel...a gazillion happy-findy thoughts are on their way to you from me!

hi fran! that professor solomon thing is great, i've got to remember all that. this was a case of great drift--it was in a room it was never supposed to be in (although, unlike saffron's suggestion, it wasn't the laundry room).

hi toni, milgwimper, and reid--thanks for all your good thoughts, i swear, i could have never have found it without them.

tom, you better make sure i never find that stupid stone in the river, otherwise i'll go all darna on you and whoop yo' ****

hi bex! i'm glad you found your ring, and i'm glad i found my hard drive and it only took a few days, not a few months :) still, it's not quite as treasured as a love ring....

hi joey! thanks for your good thoughts and congratulations on your engagements! i'll send all my good thoughts to you for smooth preparations for the big day :D

Congrads and a "whew" of relief - I guess I just assumed that your hard-drive crashed, LOL!..... Glad you "found" it.


Glad you found it!


I am so glad you found your hard drive! YAY!!!!

me toooo! big sigh of relief.

missed all the commotion - glad it ended well!

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