clean up on isle 5(-0)

the island keikis, reid and kirk, have been firing up the imu and cooking up a whole lotta kalua pig lately. not that there's anything like a little kalua pig. in fact, whenever i make this hawaiian pork dish, i always end up with heaps of the smoky, salty, sweet shredded meat left over; there's only so much pig and rice i can handle after awhile.

i don't know what the boys do with their leftovers, but i make sandwiches and a lot of pasta dishes with mine; lately, potato gnocchi in a little shoyu butter has been rockin' the block as a nice base for the pork. however, i decided to do two lighter dishes that could clean up the leftovers, in case anybody's been tempted to dig out an imu and try reid or kirk's recipe. or dig out the crock pot, more like.

kalua pig salad

dish one: this salad is based on a recipe i found on the guam food guy's site, from an executive chef on island: kalua pork salad with pineapple salsa. i just made mine with what i had on hand and piled some of the shredded pork onto a bed of romaine lettuce, and made a crude salsa of pineapple, tomato, green onions, and shiso leaves. the sweet, acidic juice from the tomatoes and pineapple was the only bit of dressing, but the pork and salsa packed enough flavour without having to add anything else.

kalua pig dumplings

dish two: i chopped up some of the pork and stuffed some wonton wrappers into nice, plump dumplings. i wasn't sure how to close up the wrappers, so i just used barbara's recent gyoza lesson as a visual guide, and i think i did okay. all of them held together, no matter how i cooked 'em--boiled, steamed, or as pictured above, pan-fried on a bed of cabbage dressed with a toasted sesame vinaigrette. in deference to mister ono kine picky's (just kidding, reid) preferences, i used the thinnest wonton wrappers i could find, although i think the meaty meat-meat could hold up to a thicker wrapper if you wanted something almost pierogi-like. i'd sautée the cabbage in butter with a little caraway or thyme and cream à la foodnerd, though. yes. a polish-hawaiian dish. i like that. if anyone tries it, let me know.


Looks great Santos - So when is the Kalua Pig restaurant opening? I've actually had Kalua Pork Potstickers in a restaurant - but your looks alot better! My Buddy who owns a Sushi Bar makes me Kalua Pork "Maki". One of my fav's is Kalua Pork in Pan De Sal. But you've really this Haute Cuisine!

Those dumplings look fantastic, Santos. Do you find you have any trouble getting them to stay sealed? (Doesn't look like you do...) Mine usually go pop.

Dont' forget the crispy skin, there is nothing like dry, crispy pig skin, here in Italy it comes with some bristle still attached to it but I could care less!

Hi Santos,

The kalua pork gyoza sound wonderful. I'm usually soooooo lazy, so when I have some left over kalua pig, I normally make kalua pig and cabbage! =)

hey kirk--ooh. pork maki. i can imagine the possibilities. what about a luau roll with kalua pig in the middle and topped with some lomi?

squeezeweasel! i didn't have a problem. i think the secret is only wetting one side of the dumpling wrapper to seal it (water sticks to flour, doesn't stick to more water), and pushing out any air.

hi gia-gina! bristle. funky. a lot of bristle or just a little? i don't think i could handle something really hairy.

hi reid! this is pig and cabbage, only in compact form :D

Santos - Making me think of all the possibilities makes my head swim - like a Luau Napolean - kalua pork on the bottom, laulau filling in the middle, and lomilomi salmon on the top, but you've got to find some way to add poi in here? Oh My, and I haven't had breakfast yet.

hi santos! you food/design gal you! saw you at design public-- :)

lol at jibe at reid's won ton preferences =)

hey kirk--that napoleon sounds ono, are you gonna make it?

hey maia! i know, isn't it crazy? i bought a rug from them, such cool stuff.

hi gloop! :D reid should invent calipers to measure the thickness of dumpling wrappers in restauratns, so we know what "too thick" would be ;)

Very interesting blog!!!
Best regards from Milan, Italy

I just stumbled upon your blog while I was surfing and fell in love with your journal. Now I know why I miss Agana....FOOD!

hi santos, what beautiful gyoza; plump perfect pillows of juicy wonder...you must have incredible dexterity; the pleats look so wonderfully even...

hello simone and landa--thank you for stopping by! hope to hear from you again :)

hello j! you know, i can't quite put my finger on it, but it reminds me of something i used to do in science lab....

Nice looking dumplings Santos.