starbucks coffee jelly frappuccino®.

starbucks coffee jelly frap

this post is for reid, too bad he can't actually have the drink! the starbucks coffee jelly frappuccino®: whatever that milky coffee frap stuff is and a healthy serving of coffee-flavoured gelatin cubes. unlike the coffee jelly found in boba-tea outlets, which are just unflavoured brown tinted gelatin cubes in a coffee syrup, the starbucks brand is purported to be made from the brewed house blend. tiny and tender, they make a refreshing addition to the ice blended drink. it used to be a seasonal specialty, but it has since moved to the permanent menu (in the philippines, anyway).

(here's an extra ® for wherever i may have missed one)


hi santos!!! what a treat to visit here and see all your lovely photos of the market...puto bumbong makes me waahhhhhh for missing it too much. i gotta get me one of those steamers.
i knew when i first had a coffee jelly drink at the transformed old Italian Village in QC, way back in '92, that it going to be something big. *sigh*

Hi Santos,

ARGH! You had to do this to me didn't you? OK...then I guess I'll just have to attempt a recreation at home. I think I'll just buy one of those bottled coffee frappuccino® drinks and pour it over some ice and coffee jelly, then top with some whipped crea. That should do the trick right?

hi stel! aren't the puto bumbong so festive looking? it's good to know that people still make them, and not just for holidays.

hi reid! ha, that'll do it.

oh this is torture ... they'll probably never bring this great beverage to the U.S. ... how excellent and informative of you to post an item on the drink - with pic!!! many thanks!

hi tg! i wonder how well this would go over with stateside starbuckers. i think it's a staple of all the asian stores already, but i could be wrong. maybe they'd try it out in the major american cities first? i'll look for different things on the menu next time i'm there.

Yup, we have this in Malaysia too!