roasted pork belly with fennel seeds

roasted pork belly with fennel seeds

not vegan. roasted pork belly with fennel seeds, sea salt, and garlic, from the moro cookbook. the recipe is here, but i made a modification in cooking which yielded a successful crackling, and tender meat. instead of a blast of heat at the beginning of the roast, i started with a cooler (convection) oven (190c/375f/gas5), and roasted the meat for just slightly over an hour. i then raised the temperature to 230c/450f/gas 8, for a half hour or so, until the skin was deep brown and blistered. success!


now that's what's known as going against convection...

Wow that looks gorgeous. The photograph is beautiful. :D

That looks incredible...I am drooling! Oh boy, that is my kinda food :)

Wow! I think you could even tempt a vegan with that...

Looks damn fine Santos. I hope you had this with the vegan mash!

I think I'm in love


hi everyone!! good recipe, i recommend it highly.

This looks INCREDIBLE!

hi megwoo! i actually thought "i heart bacon, too!" when i tasted this for the first time :) (although i know it's not quite bacon)