manila: salcedo market, pt.5: plantlife.

after all, what's a market without flowers?

market birds of paradise

birds of paradise, and um, ginger flowers? anybody?

market sampaguita

sampaguita, a type of extremely fragrant jasmine; the national flower of the philippines.

market bromeliads

bromeliads--okay, not a flower, but still pretty.

market orange buds

another one i need help with--any ideas? i love it, though, so unusual.

market millflores 1

milflores, or "a thousand flowers". somehow, hydrangea doesn't sound as romantic.

have a good weekend, everybody!


I love the pictures of the flowers they are gorgeous! Even if the Bromeliad isn't considered a flower it is still very pretty. Thanks Santos for the wonderful pictures to lift up my day. :D

Santos: the other flowers are Heliconias, or crab claws. You can maybe identify the cultivars here:


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hi milgwimper--any time :)

hi your highness--thanks for the information! i knew you'd pull through :)

Ooooo, love the pretty flowers! I think milflores sounds much better than either hydrangeas or the French name, hortensia (with a silent H, bien sur...). Wish I could have been with you at the market, I would have been there for hours....

hi viv! hortensia! wow, so that is the definition behind the name. so old fashioned, like the flower.
the market isn't as well-stocked in produce as the markets in the states and in the uk, but the cooked food stalls more than make up for it. i think you'd have a great time here.