manila: salcedo market, pt. 2: carbs!

market canonigo

more from the market: canonigo, aka floating island--a feather light meringue cake with custard sauce and fruit.

market maja blanca

maja blanca, a traditional coconutty, milky pudding.

market bread

market breads

whole grain breads and pastries still aren't commonly found throughout filipino supermarkets, but are in abundance here. there were some very creative concoctions including bittermelon pumpkin wheat baguettes, macadamia pesto twists, spinach batards, and cappuccino rye loaves.

vargas kitchen

i also found the much discussed vargas butter cake.

vargas butter cake

surprisingly light, it's basically a moist, spongey cake that tastes like it's saturated in high fat butter. gaaaaaaaah.



You are killing me woman! LOL Beautiful pictures. I will have to go and clean off my keyboard. *wink*

you can use a piece of this butter cake....

Oh goodness gracious, that butter cake looks positively wicked! Gimme some please... Welcome back and glad you had a good time!


Ah if only I could reach into your picture! LOL I would have a better use for the butter cake than cleaning off my keyboard! :D

hi viv! maybe you can unlock the secret to its creamy, fatty goodness yet oh-so-light texture. it really tastes like it's a super-light sponge soaked in fat. any ideas?

hi mil--cleaning behind the fridge?


LOL you crack me up. Hmmm maybe they used less eggs, or replaced the eggs with maybe sour cream or? Then added a little more fat to the recipe. Made a cake with no eggs and sour cream and it came out very light. Hmmm... Now you have me thinking I need to bake! :D

that's funny that you should mention sour cream. have you seen clotilde's post today about a yogurt cake? her description sounds very much like this cake. i don't think yogurt and sour cream are in this recipe, but rather a canned butter with high density and low water content, which would mimic the properties of sour cream or yogurt. although, you never know.

Bruun butter is the base, or canned intense preserved butter. But other than that, I can't figure out how to get it so light. I have tried twice to lousy results. One other trick is to make it relatively thin and to undercook slightly. Great photos by the way. Next time you are in Manila for short weekend hit the FTI Saturday market at 6 am or so.

Hi Santos,

Fatty butter cake...WOO HOO! That's just what I need right now! Bring it on! =P

hi mm! i've been reading about your vargas butter cake trials. you know, i'm under some impression the cake is baked with a certain amount of oil, and then brushed with the melted butter. have you tried using a chiffon cake recipe instead of a butter cake recipe? i still have a cake in the freezer, maybe i'll do a little experimentation sometime.

thanks for the tip, i'll check out FTI some time.

hi reid! well, i do have that cake in the freezer....i should try to express mail something like this to you sometime, just to see what happens.

Hi, guys.

Been reading all your comments about the vargas buttercake. I must say they are all very interesting especially the part about the buttercake having less eggs to make it light. Marketmanila, I admire your perserverance to unlocking the secrets of the Vargas Buttercake. Anyway, your comments are very much appreciated and your suggestions too. Thank you.